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How to Disable ARP Scanning

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As part of our network discovery, the Service Center will check the ARP table on the Onsite Manager for devices that are active and not responding to ping. There will be some locations that will not be accurate, as ARP is not a routable protocol.

When the devices listed in the Service Center are showing a red asterisk beside the status arrow, that means the Service Center is looking at the ARP tables for information regarding the device.

The Service Center will be configured to remove devices that are offline beyond a specific time, but sometimes the ARP tables will keep a device listed past this time, even if it is not in use anymore.

Disabling the ARP scan will help to clear the devices that get into this state. Following the steps below will allow the system to purge the obsolete data.

The file that we need to modify is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Level Platforms\Onsite Manager\Bin\MWExpertSystem.exe.config, if the Onsite Manager was installed into the default location. Please make a backup of this file before moving forward.

  1. Using a text editor, search for <appSettings>,

  2. Add the following line:
    <add key="SuppressArpEndpointCreation" value="true" />

  3. Save the configuration file, then restart the MWExpertSystem Service.
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