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Barracuda MSP Knowledgebase

How to Uninstall Barracuda RMM

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All of Barracuda RMM products include an automated uninstall routine using Windows native application management. You can use Programs and Features in modern versions of Windows, or Add or Remove Programs in legacy versions, to remove the applications. Uninstalling Barracuda RMM components in this way does not, however, eliminate all traces of the product.

This article will be a repository of how to remove components and applications deployed to and associated with Barracuda RMM.

To begin, you will need to uninstall third-party integrated applications such as Advanced Software Management, Avast Antivirus, Infrascale BDR, Premium Remote Control and Support Assistant. Some of these might be deployed on the end devices and will need to be removed.

Removing Third Party Applications and Integrations from Barracuda RMM

Removing Barracuda RMM components (Hosted)

Removing Barracuda RMM components (On-Premise)

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