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Deleting VMware Standard Backup Data

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CAUTION! Deleted data is completely purged and can no longer be accessed or restored.

To delete a VMware Standard backup, perform the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the Computer page. See Navigating to the Computer Page for instructions.
    The Computer page is displayed.

    image2021-9-15 10:32:18.png
  2. Select the Delete tab.

    The Delete Selections page is displayed.

    image2021-9-15 10:33:9.png

  3. Select VMware Standard.

    The Delete page is displayed.

    image2021-9-15 10:34:46.png
  4. Select the VM from which you want to delete revisions.

    The selections for deletion are displayed in the right panel.

    image2021-9-15 10:36:34.png

    Note: If you click the arrow button next to the VM, a list of revisions is displayed. You can choose to delete specific revisions instead of the entire VM.

    If you select certain revisions to delete that other revisions (not currently selected for deletion) are dependent on, the following message is displayed.

    image2021-9-15 10:37:33.png

    If you select Yes, the dependent backups are also selected for deletion.

    If you select No, nothing is changed. The message is displayed until selections are made that have no dependent revisions.

  5. When satisfied with your selections, click the Delete button.

    The Delete Confirmation pop-up is displayed.

    image2021-9-15 10:38:36.png

Select the check box of one of the options. See VMware Standard Delete Options for more information.

Click the Delete button.

The Delete Selections page is displayed with the latest status.

VMware Standard Delete Options

VMware Standard backup sets use deduplication and block-level processing. For these backup sets, the following options are available on the Delete Selection screen:

  • Retain backup data for 7 days
  • Delete all deduplication data
Retain Backup Data for 7 Days

By selecting the Retain backup data for 7 days check box, you can retain deleted data in your Local Vault for deduplication purposes for seven days. At the end of seven days, this data is deleted from your Local Vault.

This option is useful if you are backing up VMs on this machine and would like to use the existing blocks for de-duplication purposes. At the end of 7 days, this data is deleted.

If you choose not to select this option, the data that you have selected is deleted from the Local Vault immediately.

Delete All Deduplication Data

By selecting the Delete all deduplication data check box, you can immediately delete any deduplication data not being used. This option forces a block-level cleanup when the delete finishes.

This option is useful if you do not want to use existing blocks for de-duplication purposes anymore and you want to delete them immediately.

Note: You cannot select both check boxes at the same time; selecting one disables the other.


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