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Installing BarracudaRMM Device Manager from DattoRMM

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The BarracudaRMM team recognizes that partners might want to deploy from another RMM platform as they migrate to our system. In order to do that can sometimes be a bit of a task, but a t the request of one of our partners, a script has been developed to install the BarracudaRMM Device Manager via DattoRMM automation.

  • Download the Device Manager from BarracudaRMM
    • Go to Site Management
    • Click on Sites
    • Select the Site in question
    • Navigate to Device Managers
    • Click on Download
    • Select Windows Device Manager
    • Choose Device Manager MSI
    • Extract the contents and host the DMInstaller and Host the package where it is publicly available to DattoRMM
  • Download the attached script
  • Edit the contents of the script
  • On line 12 for $source add in the URL to the hosted DM Installer package
    • It is recommended to use Sharepoint Online and there must be $download=1 at the end of the URL to allow for the download
  • Add to DattoRMM and this script must be run as Admin/System
 Please note that while the BarracudaRMM Support team has supplied this KB and the script, our support for this might be limited in both access and knowledge. The steps in order to be successful in deploying the script are contained within the script itself when editing it.
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