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Barracuda MSP Knowledge Base

Files and Folders Advanced Settings API

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The default parameter values match the SilverWind Portal UI. If you do not specify a "settings" JSon section, the defaults apply.

Input Parameters

The following table provides the input parameters and descriptions.




Default enabled (true). Enables or disables using VSS during backup. Snapshot mode is enabled by default and requires taking a VSS snapshot for the backup to be consistent. This can, however, be disabled by users so they can take backups without VSS (an example use case can be a network share which does not have VSS support).


Default value is false. When EnableSnapshotMode is true, used to cancel the backup if snapshot fails.


Default enabled (true). Specifies whether retries attempted if files fail to backup.


Default enabled (true). Specifies if retry is attempted for locked files. With VSS, this should not be the case, however, this can happen if Snapshot mode is disabled, hence certain files can be locked by processes running on that system.


Default value is false. When true, agent skips backing up the files with an unset archive bit.


Can be null; when used, allows backing up only certain file extensions.


Temp folder that the backup is using to store files prior to upload for required operations. Initially setup when backup agent is installed, typically the default is the Windows default (it is an agent-wide setting applicable to any backup set that does not override it).




    "name": "Test Backup Set",

    "type": "Files",

    "selection": [



    "settings": {

        "enableSnapshotMode": false,

        "retryFailedFiles": false,

        "retryLockedFiles": false,

        "enableArchiveBit": true,

        "tempFolderPath": "c:\\TempFolderTest",

        "WildCardInclusions": ["*.docx", "*.doc", "*.pdf"]