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Email Verification and Multi-factor Authentication in Barracuda RMM

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With the release of Barracuda RMM 12 Service Pack 6, two new features were added to further increase your user security. Both the Email Verification and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) were on our overall roadmap and announced to be implemented in the near future and with SP6, those features were enabled. You can read about them more in the release notes. This article will address some of the concerns we have heard from partners with regard to these two processes.

The need to verify an email address that has been set up for months (if not years) in Barracuda RMM

This has caused a little bit of confusion and we apologize for that, as the verification was set up for two distinct reasons. The first is that emails were never required to be verified for login to Barracuda RMM, it was simply a "fire and forget" setup. Equally, emails could be shared among a number of logins or could have been a bogus emails entirely. With Barracuda RMM 12 SP6, this was changed to require a unique email address per login and those email accounts are required to be able to receive emails in order to verify. 

We do not want to use multi-factor authentication to log in to Barracuda RMM

We understand that some partners (and their clients) may not be receptive to this change. This was a vital security decision to ensure that the data of each partner (and their clients) remains secure. We at the Barracuda RMM support team understand this can cause some brief trials and tribulations. Still, our development team implemented Multi-factor Authentication to safeguard you and your clients in an ever-aggressive world of security threats.

My chosen authenticator app code is not working from my mobile device

This common issue is one that is fixed by updating your settings for your time on your mobile device. It is most often caused by users setting up the time on their mobile device in the following ways:

  • Using the wrong timezone for the user's phone and geographical location
  • Manually setting the time rather than using the automatic timing server according to the phone manufacturer or service provider
  • Use of a third-party app on their mobile for the time that changes the timing

Any changes to the timing on a mobile device can cause issues with MFA not only in Barracuda RMM, but any other MFA utilized logins. If MFA is off by even a few seconds, users might not be able to log in.

Please Note

While Barracuda RMM uses a number of authenticator apps to be able to generate codes for MFA, we do not support the functionality of said devices nor the apps themselves.

We do not want to use a mobile app for authentication

While you cannot disable MFA from a user account, each account can be set up to use a mobile app or email verification. In order to set up email verification, you need to first verify the email address on that given account. To change the account to use email verification please do the following:

  • Log into your Barracuda RMM Dashboard
  • Navigate to Configuration
  • Click on User Management
  • Select the User you want to change settings for
  • Under the Profile, you can change the Multi-Factor Authentication Option

Email verification sends a blank code

While this can be frustrating, we have seen a small handful of users experiencing this issue. We ask that you collect the following information for the Barracuda RMM support team so that we can fix this so you are able to log in:

  • Are you Cloud-Hosted or On-Premise?
    • If the URL you are using to log in includes then you are cloud-hosted
  • If cloud-hosted, which cloud is your environment hosted on
    • The first part before mw-rm will be the cloud (be that us01, eu03, au02, etc.)
  • VAR Domain used to log in
  • User account login name
  • User email address for that account

Once you have this information, please contact the Barracuda RMM support team and we will be able to assist and set up the email code for you.

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