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Barracuda MSP Knowledge Base

List of Applications, Applets and Services used by Barracuda RMM

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The Barracuda RMM Support Team has compiled the following lists of applications, applets and services that are deployed across an environment from BarracudaRMM. This list will be updated as additional changes, additions or removals come about. Please refer to this when attempting to determine what sort of services might need to be looked into for Firewall and Antivirus exclusions. 

Applications and Applets

Barracuda RMM Onsite (or Device) ManagerAs deployed on devices
Avast BusinessAntivirus agent to connect back to Barracuda RMM
Avast Business SecurityThe Antivirus Software itself
eSureITSoftware for Barracuda ECHOplatform Backup
MW.ASM.NanoserviceHostDeployed on the Onsite Manager and Device Managers for Advanced Software Management
PAExecAd-hoc use on all devices for automation (read more here)
Premium Remote AgentAny device PRC connects to
Premium Remote Control

Any device PRC connects from

REMCOMAd-hoc use on all devices for automation (read more here )

Barracuda RMM Support Assistant

Nmap OEM

Npcap OEM

As deployed on devices

Automatically deployed on OMs and DMs as of RMM 2022.1 for Port Scanning

Automatically deployed on OMs and DMs as of RMM 2022.1 for Port Scanning


Avast Business Antivirus

Avast Business Console Client Antivirus
Avast! Antivirus
Avast! Tools


Barracuda RMMOMNetworkService
Premium Remote Controlisl_always_on



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