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Barracuda MSP Knowledge Base

Upgrading Microsoft SQL Server Express for use with Barracuda RMM

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With the release of Barracuda RMM 2022.1 in October 2022, Onsite Managers must upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express at a minimum. However, the Barracuda RMM Development and Support teams encourage an upgrade to 2019. The process listed below must be done per Onsite Manager and done manually, as the upgrade of the OM itself does not handle the SQL Server Express upgrade. This article will discuss the proper steps to successfully back up your SQL Server for use with Barracuda RMM 2022.1. Please note that while this article is intended to help partners, any issues with a SQL Server Express upgrade will need to be routed to Microsoft as the vendor for the product.

Installation of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

SQL Server Express Compatability

  • If your Onsite Manager is on Windows Server 2012 R2 (End of Life is October 2023), you cannot upgrade to SQL Server 2019 Express. You can, however, install SQL Server 2017 Express.
    • This also applies to Windows 8.1 deployments (End of Life is January 2023)
  • If you intend to update the Operating System from Server 2012 R2 to something current, please follow the How to Migrate an Onsite Manager article
  • A Windows Operating system on versions after Server 2012 R2 can use SQL Server 2019 Express
    • Also, note that an Onsite Manager can run on Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise

Preparing your Site for SQL Upgrade

  • Log into your Service Center UI
  • Go to Dashboards
  • Select Central Dashboard
  • Navigate to the Site you will do the SQL Upgrade on
  • Click on Set Maintenance on the right-hand panel
  • Define the schedule, suppression and type as you see fit (an upgrade can take 1-2 hours)
    • This will suspend alerts by default so that you do not receive erroneous alerts during the downtime
  • Log onto your Onsite Manager device
  • Click on Start
  • Type in services.msc
  • Stop the MWExpertSystem service

Backing up your SQL Database

  • Click on Start
  • Type in SSMS and open as Administrator
  • Connect to LPIMWOMEXPRESS Server Instance
  • Expand Databases
  • Right-click on MWData
  • Select Tasks
  • Then click on Back Up
  • Under Destination, click on Add
  • Click on the three dots beside the path and set a file name, then click OK
    • You can change the selected path, but make a note of the location
  • Click OK again to execute the backup
  • Close SSMS

Upgrading your SQL Server Express install

  • Download SQL Server 2019 Express
  • Run the stub installer
  • Select Download Media and hit Download
    • Download the Express Core package and change the download path, if you wish
  • After the download is complete, select Open Folder
  • Run the new file downloaded (2019 is named SQLEXPR_x64_ENU)
  • Now select Upgrade from a previous version of SQL Server
  • Accept the EULA and hit Next
  • Continue to click Next 
    • Ensure that the Instance to upgrade is LPIMWOMEXPRESS
  • Once the upgrade is complete, Restart the device
  • After restarting, re-launch SSMS
  • Connect to LPIMWOMEXPRESS Server Instance
  • Expand Databases
  • Right-click on MWData
  • Select Properties
  • Now select Options
  • Change the Compatability level to SQL Server 2019
  • Click OK


Please Note

While the Barracuda RMM Support team has authored this article to help our partners upgrade their SQL Server Express deployments for their Onsite Managers, any SQL Server issue that might come up will be routed to Microsoft for official help.