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Barracuda MSP Knowledge Base

Using the On-Premise Service Center Health Check

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This Health Check Utility will provide stand-alone diagnostics on the state of SC. This utility will not function for Hosting Providers or Hosted Service Centers




Test Explanations


This test ensures that tests are being properly executed no system components are tested. If this test fails, then the results of other tests may be unreliable.

IIS App Pool

The IIS (Internet Information Service) App pool test will retrieve every app pool and return the following values:

  • app pool name
  • do the Services start automatically?
  • their start mode (always running or on demand)
  • their state (starting, started, stopping, stopped, or unknown)  

IIS Sites

the IIS (Internet Information Service) Sites test retrieves and displays all connected sites as well as the following values:

  • Site name 
  • Site binding
  • If the service auto-starts
  • The current state (starting, started, stopping, stopped, or unknown)  
  • The site applications
  • The application configurations (path and application pool)


  • This test will check for SCMonitor and MSSQLServer services to be running. The test will fail if the services are either not running or not found on the computer.
    • If the SQL and Application servers are separate, this does not necessarily indicate an issue


  • This test will perform the following DBCC query on the four databases expected to be found in an on-prem install (SCMaster, MWUS, MWSessionState, SCData_Default)


  • If a DB passes the test, it will show that there are 0 inconsistencies, and if it fails the test, then that will be indicated in the subtest

Barracuda RMM Support Note

This test can take a while to complete, and no progress will be displayed while the test runs.

Database Tests

  • This test will perform three main actions: retrieving the database access key, connecting to the database, and querying the database. 
  • If the program cannot retrieve the database access key, it will return an error, and the other tests will fail. The querying will fail if the program cannot connect to the database.
  • If the program can retrieve the key and then connect to the database, it will run four tests by querying the database: retrieving the tables from the database, creating tables and rows, deleting tables and rows, and querying rows from every table.
  • If any tests fail, they have their error codes in the output file.



Basic Execution

  1. Download and extract the zip to the Service Center Application Server
  2. Run as Administrator
  3. This will begin a task for each test. Once all tests are finished executing, the results will be stored in a file indicated by the console output.

Barracuda RMM Support Note

The application can also be run from a command line for remote execution, when run in this fashion, there are command line options available to the user.

Silent Execution

To run in silent mode:

  1. Open an administrative Command Prompt
  2. CD to the extracted zip folder
  3. Run --silent

JSON Output

To List the output in JSON format:

  1. Open an administrative Command Prompt
  2. CD to the extracted zip folder
  3. Run --output json