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Barracuda MSP App

Unlinking ConnectWise Accounts

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To unlink ConnectWise accounts, perform the following steps. To display this page, see Accessing ConnectWise Manage Integrations.

  1. At the ConnectWise Manage Integrations ribbon, select Accounts.

    image2023-4-14 14:51:5.png
    The Accounts page is displayed.

    image2023-4-14 14:53:37.png
    Note: You can use the MSP Account filter image2023-4-14 14:52:29.png to search for accounts or companies.

    image2023-4-14 14:52:11.png
  2. Select the account you want to unlink.
    The Unlink Account confirmation is displayed.

    image2023-4-14 14:54:29.png
  3. Click Confirm.
    The account status is changed to Unlinked.