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Barracuda MSP App

Aggregator Products & Services List Page

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The Aggregator Products & Services List page of a Partner is accessible only to the Aggregator Admin.

For each MSP, the following data is provided:

  • The products purchased (licenses and descriptions)
  • The Commit price/seat/product
  • The Overage price/seat/product
  • The SMBs managed by each MSP (username and company name)
  • Status

For each of the SMBs, the current seat usage/product including serial number is also provided.

You can also:

  • filter data by subpartners or accounts
  • export usage data

The following figure provides and example of the Aggregator's Partner Products & Services List page.

 campus productservice page.png

Product/Service Details

Clicking the plus sign beside any product or service, displays the following data:

  • Accounts
  • Serial numbers
  • Number of users
  • Activation date
  • Status
  • 365 link status

The following figure provides an example of the product/services details.

 m365 ba details.png

Filter Data by MSP Subpartner

To filter data by MSP subpartner, perform the following step.

Click the Filter Data by MSP Subpartner down arrow.

campus productservice filter.png

The Subpartners are displayed.

campus productservice filter1.png

Filter Data by MSP Account

To filter data by MSP Account, perform the following step.

Click the Filter Data by MSP Account down arrow.

campus productservice filter2.png

The Accounts are displayed.

campus productservice filter2a.png