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Barracuda MSP App

MSP Icons

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The definitions of the MSP interface icons are provided in the table below.

image2022-3-7 12:25:13.png

Displays all purchased products and services, as in the example below.

campus mspui.png


 image2022-3-7 12:26:10.png

Profile settings (password, devices, region).

 image2022-3-7 12:26:45.png


 image2022-3-7 12:26:58.png

Partner User.

 image2022-3-7 12:27:16.png


 image2022-3-7 12:27:31.png


 image2022-3-7 12:27:50.png

Activated product or service.

 image2022-3-7 12:28:8.png

Your service is available to activate to an account.

 image2022-3-7 12:28:25.png

Activation failed. Cannot communicate with one or more of your services. Contact customer service.

 image2022-3-7 12:28:42.png

Pending activation.

image2022-7-25 9:54:1.pngFilter.
image2022-10-31 11:46:14.png

Information available with mouse hover.

image2022-10-31 11:46:36.png

Account has overages.