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Barracuda MSP – Partner Management

Deleting Subpartners

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To delete a Subpartner, perform the following steps.

  1. At the Subpartner page, click Edit.

    image2022-3-7 12:40:14.png
    The Edit Subpartner form is displayed.

    image2022-3-7 12:41:0.png
  2. Click the Delete button.

  3. Select your option from the table below.

  4. If…


    no active serial numbers or accounts are associated with the Subpartner,

    the following confirmation pop-up is displayed.

     image2022-3-9 7:55:48.png

    Click the Confirm button.

    The Subpartner along with the associated accounts are deleted.

    active serial numbers are associated with the Subpartner,

    the following popup is displayed.

     image2022-3-9 7:56:10.png

    Select click here to display the Product Change Request Form (or call the phone number displayed).

    The following form is displayed.

     image2022-3-9 7:56:26.png

    Complete the form and click Submit.

    Click OK to return to the Edit Subpartner page.



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