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Barracuda MSP – Partner Management

Activating Products & Services

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Prerequisite: A product or service must be linked to the partner or assigned to the Subpartner before you can activate it. See Assigning Products & Services.

To activate Products & Services, perform the following steps.

  1. At the account under the primary partner or Subpartner to which you assigned the product or service, select Product & Services.
    The Account Product & Services List is displayed.

    image2022-7-27 15:59:33.png
  2. Click the Activate button.
    The Activate Product/Service pop-up is displayed.

    image2022-7-27 16:1:30.png
  3. Click the Product/Service Family down arrow.
    The families available are displayed.

    image2022-7-27 16:2:12.png
  4. Select the family you wish to activate.
    The Product/Service field is displayed.

    image2022-7-27 16:2:38.png
  5. Click the Product/Service down arrow.
    The service option is displayed.

    image2022-7-27 16:3:11.png
  6. Select the service option to activate and then click the Confirm button.
    The service is displayed on the Product & Services page with a pending status icon.

    image2022-9-2 7:25:1.png
    It may take several minutes to activate.
    If the activation fails, the Product & Services page displays a failed status icon, as shown below.

    image2022-3-7 14:7:4.png
  7. To retry activation, click the Edit button.
    The following pop-up is displayed.
    image2022-7-27 16:4:35.png

  8. Click the Retry Activation button.
    After activation, the service is displayed on the Product & Services page.
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