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Barracuda MSP – Partner Management

Deactivating Products & Services

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To deactivate Products & Services, perform the following steps.

  1. At the account with the activated product or service select Product & Services List.
    The Account Product & Services List is displayed.

    image2022-9-2 7:29:22.png
  2. At the product or service you want to deactivate, click Edit.
    The Edit pop-up is displayed.

    image2022-3-7 14:10:18.png
  3. Click Deactivate and then select your option from the table below.



you selected Deactivate for Barracuda Backup Services,

the following pop-up is displayed.

image2022-7-27 16:34:10.png

Click Confirm.

you selected Deactivate for Essentials Services or Content Shield,

the following pop-up is displayed.

image2022-7-27 16:34:32.png

Select click here to display the Product Change Request Form.

The following form is displayed.

image2022-7-27 16:35:4.png

Complete the form and click Submit or call the phone number displayed in the pop-up.




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