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Barracuda MSP App

About the Logs Page

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To access the Logs page, see Accessing ConnectWise Manage Integrations.

The Logs page allows you to:

  • view new logs
  • filter logs

View New Logs

The Logs page notifies you of updates that have taken place over the last 24 hour and provides links to those updates, as shown below.

image2023-4-14 13:35:3.png

Filter Logs

You can filter logs by feature, type, description, as well as date and time.

The filters are shown in the table below.




 image2023-4-14 13:17:54.png


 image2023-4-14 13:18:11.png


 image2023-4-14 13:18:30.png

Date and Time

 image2023-4-14 13:19:2.png

An example of the Logs page is shown below.

 image2023-4-14 13:20:16.png