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Barracuda Support Services

Contacting Barracuda Networks Technical Support

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To ensure you have the best support experience possible, we recommend using certain contact methods depending on the severity of your issue and the impact on your business.

Here is a brief overview of how you can contact Technical Support and what you can expect from us. 
To open a support case, please have the following information on hand: the product serial, your contact details (first/last name, phone, email), and the name of your company.

Customer Contact Verification

We need to assign an authorized contact person to the case details so that the technicians know who to contact. For this reason, please give your first and last name, preferred phone number, and email address to the Contact Center.

To maintain the security of your products, we only provide support to contacts that have been authorized. This ensures that your product is protected against unauthorized access. Therefore, when you contact Barracuda Technical Support for the first time, the Contact Center will need to verify you with an authorized administrator from your company. This may cause delays, so we recommend that you first involve the authorized administrator of your product when contacting the support team for the first time. 

An authorized administrator can also proactively contact the Contact Center team to authorize any new contacts for their company account. This is a good way to avoid any delay in providing support.


The most efficient way to contact Technical Support is by phone. Once the support case has been created, the Contact Center will offer you two options: your call can be forwarded to the relevant product phone queue, or you can receive a call back as soon as a technician is available. This applies to all case priorities and is the recommended way to raise urgent support requests.

Live Chat

Provides the option to contact Technical Support via an online instant messaging service. A representative will answer any questions you may have and identify if your query would be better suited to be answered by our support team. If this is required, the representative will create a support case, and a member of our corresponding product team will contact you.

Online Portal

If you want to create, manage, and view all of your support cases, we recommend that you use the Community Portal. You can also communicate with the Technical Support team and add comments to your cases via this portal.


Sending an email to will create a message for our Contact Center team. They will process your email and create a technical support case. Please make sure to provide the serial number of the product you need assistance with, so that the case can be forwarded to the correct product team.


Information about local phone numbers, offices, and our live chat can be found here: 
The customer and partner community can be found here:

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