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Barracuda Web Application Firewall - Advanced Features - WAF0201

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Course Description

This course provides extensive technical coverage of Barracuda Web Application Firewall's advanced security features.


Administrators of Barracuda Web Application Firewalls, technical personnel, or partners who will be supporting field deployments.


Instructor-led onsite classroom or distance learning
Maximum number of participants: 10 students


1 day


Barracuda Web Application Firewall - Foundation certification (WAF01) or comparable product knowledge.


Please contact your Barracuda Networks Sales Representative for pricing information.

Course Agenda
  • Allow-Deny-Redirect Rules
    • Allow/Deny Rules
    • Allow/Deny Rules for URLs
    • Allow/Deny Rules for Headers
  • Website Profiles
    • Websites Profiles Overview
    • Website Profiles
    • Website Profiles Modes
    • Website Profiles Strict Profile Check
    • Adaptive Profiling
    • Profiles Optimizers
  • Bot Spam Mitigation
    • Bot Spam Mitigation
    • Referer Spam Mitigation - Hands-On Demo
    • Comment Spam Mitigation - Hands-On Demo
  • Application DDoS Protection
    • IP Reputation Filter
    • DDoS Policies
    • Slow Client Attack Prevention
  • Advanced System Management
    • Role-Based Administration
    • Auto Configuration Engine
    • Cloud Control
    • Configuration Backup Templates
    • Default Pattern Mode
    • Encryption Key Settings
    • Response Pages
  • XML Firewall
    • Web Services
    • SOAP Web Services
    • SOAP Web Services Specifications
    • Web Services Vulnerabilities
    • Web Services Protection
    • The BWAF XML Firewall
  • JSON Security
    • JSON Security
    • JSON Security Flow
    • JSON Profile
    • JSON Policy
    • JSON Key Profile
  • Web Application and CloudGen Firewall Integration
    • CloudGen Firewall Integration
    • Prerequisites
  • Vulnerability Reports Integration
    • Scanners Integration
    • Support Scanners
    • New Open Format
    • Vulnerability Reports
    • Recommendations
  • Barracuda Vulnerability Manager
    • The Barracuda Vulnerability Manager
    • Verification Options with the BVM
    • The Scan
  • Barracuda Vulnerability Remediation Service
    • The Barracuda Vulnerability Remediation Service
    • WAF Configuration
    • Verification Options
    • Mitigation
    • Notifications
    • The Scanner
    • Interference Prevention
    • WAF Bypass
  • Client Side Protection
    • Configuring Content Security Policies
    • Configuring Sub-Resource Integrity
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