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Barracuda Support Services

FAQ (Premium Support)

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Frequently Asked Questions

To help customers and partners stay as safe as possible as the threat landscape and business needs evolve, Barracuda Premium Support helps you ensure that your network is running at peak performance by providing the highest level of 24x7 technical support for mission-critical environments.

Barracuda Premium Support is currently available for Barracuda CloudGen Firewall, Barracuda Email Protection, Barracuda Backup Service, Barracuda Message Archiver, Barracuda Load Balancer, Barracuda WAF, and Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service.

Do Barracuda Premium Support Technicians also assist with non-Barracuda Networks solutions?

Our technicians work exclusively with Barracuda Networks solutions. However, depending on the nature of the request, the technician may give advice on network-related best-practice settings in conjunction with the Barracuda solutions.

How do I open a case with Premium Support?

There are several ways to open a Premium Support case. If the issue is business critical, always reach out to our Support Center directly via phone. For non-critical issues, you can open a case by sending an email to the dedicated Premium Support email address, via Live Chat, or though the Customer Communities Portal.

For more information on how to contact our Support Team, please see the Barracuda Support Contact page.

What can I expect once I order a Premium Support subscription?

When you place your order, a services request will be created with one of our Barracuda Premium Support Managers, who will send a welcome email to your designated service contact. The email provides an outline of the benefits included in your Premium Support service and all information needed to create a support case. Please ensure you include the information when creating your case to prevent any unnecessary delays. 

Our Premium Support team will also offer to schedule an introductory meeting with your service contact if required to review this information together and answer any additional questions you have about Premium Support. 

What information will I need to open a Premium Support Case? 

Please provide the following information when creating a case: 

  • Barracuda Networks product serial number
  • Full name of authorized service contact person
  • Identify yourself as Premium Support Customer
  • Call-back phone number
  • Email Address
  • Barracuda Networks product name and model number (e.g. Barracuda Email Security Gateway 600)
How often do I need to update my service contact?

Please ensure you update all contacts who should be listed on your account authorized to create cases and speak with our support team on your behalf. We request you have at least one key contact listed.

It is important we have an updated service contact list, otherwise we may have to get authorization from the current service contact prior to handling a case, which can cause unnecessary delays.

This also ensures we provide your Premium Support monthly personalized reports to the right contacts in your organization.

How long will I have to wait once a ticket is created to get a response from Premium Support?

Outside of any unexpected delays, our Premium Support team will respond to Premium Support cases for business-critical issues in 30 minutes or less from the time you open the case. We recommend calling our support team directly for critical issues to get you to a live Premium Support Technician as soon as possible.

Our team works hard to process non-critical issues as quickly as business-critical issues. Depending on the volume of cases, there may be a slightly longer waiting time.

What are the working hours of the Barracuda Premium Support team?

Barracuda Premium Support is available 24x7 for our Premium Support customers.

What if my issue needs an escalation to resolve?

If a Premium Support case is currently open and cannot be resolved by our tier-1 technicians, our Support team will escalate the issue to our engineering and development teams. As a Premium Support customer, your escalation will not only be prioritized within the Support organization, but also by our engineering and development teams.

If you feel the case is not making the required progress, please talk to the corresponding support representative. They will be able to help you directly and escalate the ticket as required. Our support team is reachable 24x7.

You can also include the Premium Support Manager into the conversation for additional visibility. Note that the Premium Support Manager is not reachable 24x7. This is why we also suggest direct requests through our award-winning technical support team. 

Do I need to have Premium Support on all my products if I buy a subscription for one product?

We highly recommend purchasing Premium Support for all Barracuda Products supporting your most critical environments to ensure your product is running at peak performance and to minimize downtime should an issue with your product arise.

You must purchase Premium Support across the same product suite (e.g., Barracuda CloudGen Firewall products). This enables our team to provide the same level of Premium Support for all products under that suite, which improves your experience and minimizes unnecessary delays.

How can I provide feedback once my case is closed?

Once the Premium Support case has been resolved, the Premium Support Technician will send a follow-up email with details on providing feedback to continue to enhance and improve our services. In the email, you will find a link to our survey where you can rate your experience and provide comments.

How to open a ticket


All calls to our Support team will first connect with our contact center, who will verify if you are authorized to create support tickets on behalf of your account. Please make sure you have all required account details outlined under What information will I need to open a Premium Support Case? to avoid unnecessary delays.

For all business-critical situations, our contact center will create the case and work to connect you to one of our top-tier Premium Support engineers. Although we try to service our customers directly, there might be a wait of up to 10 minutes if all our premium support engineers are already engaged with other Premium Support customers.

In this rare situation you will be transferred back to our contact center team who will either schedule a callback for you or engage with premium support management for assistance. 

Chat / Email

Before requesting a case be created, please make sure you outline your issue properly to help us understand the issue and business impact. Always provide the account details outlined under What information will I need to open a Premium Support Case?

Incoming Premium Support requests will always be prioritized by our contact center team. Once you open the case, you’ll receive an automated email that includes the support case number for reference. Your case will be placed in a dedicated Premium Support queue where it will be prioritized by our team.

The fastest way to contact Premium Support is via phone, so it is essential that all contact details are maintained properly on your account. This is part of the Premium Support onboarding process.

What is included in the monthly report?

Each month, our Premium Support Manager prepares a monthly report containing information about Premium Support subscriptions related to each Premium Account. The report is an added value to our Premium Support customers and is sent to all Premium Support contacts on the account via email.

Included in the report:

  • Updates on Barracuda products being supported by our Premium Service
  • Relevant Bug Fixes
  • Status on open bugs that have been reported
  • Upcoming Barracuda events
  • Monthly overview of all cases you have opened with Premium Support
  • Monthly overview of all feature requests
  • Expiration dates of your active Premium Support subscriptions
What happens if my Premium Support subscription expires?

Your monthly report includes upcoming expiration dates on your Premium Support subscriptions, to help reduce the risk of your subscription expiring unexpectedly.

If you do notice your Premium Support subscription has expired and you wish to continue receiving Premium Service on your Barracuda product, please reach out to Barracuda Support to be guided to the right department to renew your subscription.

What is the role of the Premium Support Manager?

Premium Support customers are introduced to their Premium Support Manager at the start of their Premium Service with Barracuda. The Premium Support Manager is your dedicated resource for questions about our Premium Support process and service delivery. Each Manager monitors Premium Support requests to ensure our customers are getting the fastest possible resolution, as well as regular monthly reports and additional analysis requests.

Where can I find additional information about Barracuda Premium Support?

For more information, please download this PDF brochure.

You may also log into Barracuda Campus, where you can find an overview of our Premium Support service, video documentation, and brochure. If you don’t have access to Barracuda Campus, please reach out to your Barracuda Sales Representative.