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Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service

Managing Accounts with a Mix of Different License Plans

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Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service supports a mix of license plans to be part of a single account and enables you to associate applications with the required license plan. For information about the supported license plans, see the Overview of WAF-as-a-Service Plans article.  

When creating an application on the Barracuda WAF-As-A-Service, you can associate a license plan to your application. For existing accounts, the best matching license plan is allocated with the Premium plan taking the highest precedence followed by the Advanced plan and Legacy license plan. You can change the license plan using the Change License option under ACTIONS on the Applications page.  All applications are listed with their associated license along with the expiry details.

Handling License Expiry

The following are the two scenarios in which the license expiry is handled:

When the license associated with the application expires and the account does not have any other unexpired license:

  • Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service provides a 30-day notice period to renew the subscription. If the subscription is not renewed within 30 days, applications associated with the expired license are deleted from the system.

When the license associated with the application expires and the account has other active licenses:

Applications are automatically moved to the best matching subscription (Premium or Advanced) within an hour after the original subscription expires. Note that the application will continue to work without any disruptions during this transition.

  • If a subscription of an advanced plan expires and the account has another advanced plan or a premium plan, applications will be moved to the other plans accordingly.
  • If a subscription of a premium plan expires and the account has the subscription for the advanced plan, applications are moved to the advanced plan and disable premium features.