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Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service

Understanding Deployment Locations

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As described in Understanding Traffic Flow with Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service, application traffic flows from your users, through a Barracuda Cloud Scrubbing Center, to your application servers. To minimize latency and maximize performance, it is best to deploy WAF-as-a-Service protection as close to your back-end servers as possible.

Barracuda Networks' partnership with Microsoft Azure enables deployment of your Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service protection in most Azure locations. Visit the official Microsoft page for global Azure locations

When you create your application, Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service automatically selects the deployment locations that provide the best performance for your application. The selections are based on the GeoIP of your backend server – again, minimizing distance to maximize performance. 

You will usually get the best performance by using the deployment locations selected by the system. If you must change the deployment location (e.g., for data residency requirements), follow the steps described in Moving an Application to Another Location.


If you already have applications in production, note that changing the deployment locations adds risks and impacts. For example, changing the deployment location takes up to 30 minutes. During this time, your application will likely experience downtime. If you must change the deployment location, do it before deployment or during a maintenance window. 

The North America and West Europe location is deprecated. No new applications can be added there. Select specific regions for your deployment location.

If you have specific data residency requirements, select only regions that are within the country/countries that meet your data residency requirements. Otherwise, select the location closest to your application servers. Note that selecting a specific country, such as a UK location, will guarantee that data stays within that country.

You must also select a backup location to be used if the primary location fails or requires maintenance. Select the second-closest location to your application servers. Be sure to follow data residency requirements, as described above, if they apply to your organization.

Beta Locations

Barracuda Networks might release new components in beta form, before their formal release. You can use and experiment with these beta features within a beta location, not in production. Then when the feature moves from beta to formal release, you will be ready to use it in your production environment. Consider creating a copy of your application so you can see how the new features work with your specific application needs. 

To use a beta location:

  1. Create a new application.
    Consider creating a new application that is a copy of an existing application and naming it something like myApplication-demo so you can recognize it and distinguish it from the original.   
  2. When selecting a location, choose one that is labeled with the word beta.  
  3. Within this application, you can use features labeled beta
  4. When these beta features are formally released, change the location to an appropriate location for this application. For more information, refer to Moving an Application to Another Location

Apex Domains

For information on apex domains, refer to Apex Domains.