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Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service

Request Rewriting

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With request rewriting, you can insert, remove, or rewrite headers before the request is forwarded to the backend server. You can also rewrite the URL to map to a different resource.This conceals information from external users. 

Working with URLs

When a web application returns a URL, sensitive information about the web server may be revealed. Rewriting or redirrecting modifies the prefix, domain, and response body of an internal URL to an externally viewable URL.

URL Translation can externalize internal applications, which link to internal servers (not defined in the external DNS name space). For example, the Example Company has an internal application registered in the internal DNS as finance.example. URL Translation can make this application available to external partners behind a common public domain such as without exposing the internal name space. Through URL Translation, Company ABC can map different internal and external prefixes so the internal application is available on the public Internet as

Choose from the following actions available in Request Rewriting:

  • Insert Header
  • Remove Header
  • Rewrite Header
  • Rewrite URL
  • Redirect URL

You can also choose to use a constant rewrite value or to change the rewrite value based on the request. 

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