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Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service

Overview of WAF-as-a-Service Plans

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Barracuda -WAF-as-a-Service is available in two (2) plans: The table below lists the features that are available in each plan:

FeatureApplication Protection AdvancedApplication Protection PremiumDescription
Web Application Protection
OWASP Top 10 ProtectioncheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngProtect against all OWASP Top 10 attacks including SQL Injections, XSS, Cross-Site Request Forgery, and more.
Smart SignaturescheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngApplication Protection’s layered traffic processing engine and Smart Signatures use fewer attack-detection signatures to detect and block web attacks, including zero-day attacks. Each Smart Signature can detect attacks found in 40 attack-specific signatures, reducing detection time and improving overall detection.
Zero Day Attack ProtectioncheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngThe combination of Smart Signatures and a positive security model ensure that most zero-day attacks are stopped before exploitation. In addition, Barracuda Active Threat Intelligence collects threat data from a large, worldwide network of sensors and customer traffic. This data is processed using machine learning in near real-time and pushed out to connected units immediately, allowing for rapid detection of new threats and attackers.
IP Threat IntelligencecheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection integrates with the Barracuda Reputational Database and can identify suspicious IP addresses, bots, TOR networks and other anonymous proxies that are often used by attackers to hide their identity and location. Capabilities include the ability to block proxies, VPNs, and entire networks based on the Autonomous System Numbers (ASN).
Geo-IP IntelligencecheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngUsing client source addresses, organizations can control access to web resources. Barracuda Application Protection can control access based on GeoIP to limit access only to specified regions.
Data Leak PreventioncheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngInspects all outbound traffic for sensitive data leakage. Content such as credit card numbers, U.S. social security numbers, or any other custom patterns are identified and can be either blocked or masked without administrator intervention. Also, the information is logged and can be used by administrators to find potential leaks.
Website Supply Chain ProtectioncheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection includes Client-Side Protection, a feature that automates the CSP and SRI configuration, reducing admin overhead and configuration errors. In addition to these capabilities, Barracuda Active Threat Intelligence provides visualization and reporting for these configurations, giving you deeper visibility into how these scripts are used. 
Anti-Virus for File UploadscheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngOn-board regularly updated antivirus engine scans and detects viruses in file uploads.
Risk-based Attack Detection checkmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Active Threat Intelligence automatically classifies each incoming request with risk scores based on the request parameters. These risk scores are used by the backend ML models to identify advanced threats such as bots and complex attackers and block them.
DDoS Protection
Unlimited Volumetric DDoS Attack PreventioncheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda WAF-as-a-Service offers unmetered DDoS protection cloud service that scrubs traffic before it reaches the intended websites. This allows the cloud service to identify patterns of DDOS attacks in the connections and block them.
Unlimited Application DDoS Attack PreventioncheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngProtect against advanced application-layer DDoS with risk-assessment techniques, heuristic fingerprinting and IP reputation to distinguish real users from botnets.
Rate LimitingcheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection offers rate limiting of incoming client requests based on IP and client fingerprint. Rate limiting is especially useful at peak times where some users may attempt to overload the application by sending rapid requests. Rate limiting can be enforced at an application or URL level using an unlimited number of rules.
DNS Security checkmarkIcon.pngHosting and security for application DNS records, including protection against DDoS attacks. 
API Security
Protect JSON and GraphQL APIscheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection protects JSON, and GraphQL APIs against all application attacks, including OWASP Top 10 API threats.
Schema-based API DiscoverycheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngImport the schema for your JSON API to automatically create security rules based on the definition of the API. Supported schemas are OpenAPI and Google API formats.
ML-powered JSON API Discovery checkmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection uses machine learning to detect unprotected API endpoints from live traffic analysis and automatically secures them, reducing the attack surface drastically.
ML-powered Shadow API Discovery checkmarkIcon.pngShadow APIs are the APIs deployed by web applications that are not known and secured. Barracuda Application Protection uses machine learning to detect these API endpoints from live traffic analysis and automatically secures them, reducing the attack surface drastically.
Unlimited API Rate Limiting Rules (Tarpit) checkmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection offers rate limiting capabilities for APIs that can be enforced on an endpoint level, reducing the ability of misbehaving clients to slow down or bring down an API.
Advanced Bot Protection
Web ScrapingcheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection uses a combination of honeypots, behavioral analysis, and signatures to detect and block web scraping.
Bot Spam DetectioncheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection uses a combination of honeypots, behavioral analysis, and spam signatures to detect and block these bot attacks.
Bot Signature DatabasecheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection contains a regularly updated bot signature database that contains over 10,000 individual signatures. These signatures can be used to identify and block bots before they reach your application.
CAPTCHA Insertion and ChallengescheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection has multiple methods of challenging bots and attackers to both slow and stop them down. These methods include JavaScript challenges and CAPTCHAs.
Brute Force PreventioncheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection can identify brute force attacks – whether they are coming from a single IP/source or multiple IPs/sources in low and slow attacks – and block them, rendering the application safe.
Credential Stuffing ProtectioncheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Active Threat Intelligence has a database of previously leaked credentials that logins are validated against. If matches are found, these login attempts can be blocked, and admins alerted.
Cloud-backed Active Threat Intelligence checkmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Active Threat Intelligence collects threat data from a large, worldwide network of sensors and customer traffic. This data is processed using machine learning in near-real time and pushed out to connected units immediately, allowing for rapid detection of new threats and attackers.
Privileged Account Protection checkmarkIcon.pngPrivileged Account Protection on the Barracuda Active Threat Intelligence cloud uses behavioral analytics to understand user login and browsing patterns. When the behavior of the user varies from the pattern, admins are alerted to identify and block account takeover attacks.
ML-powered Bot Detection checkmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Advanced Bot Protection uses cloud-based machine learning to stop bad bots, easily blocking automated spam, web and price scraping, inventory hoarding, account takeover attacks, and much more.
Client Identification and Control checkmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection can identify individual devices behind an IP address and most modules can enforce blocking at a device level or IP level as desired.
Secure Application Delivery
Content Delivery NetworkcheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection provides an integrated CDN for onboarded applications. The CDN has over 118 PoPs that can serve traffic to the nearest clients across 100 locations worldwide.
Authentication, Authorization, and Access ControlcheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection provides granular AAA capabilities to offload authentication and authorization for applications. Capabilities include Client Certificates, JSON Web Tokens, SAML, and OpenID Connect.
Shared IPcheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngApplications protected by the Application Protection Advanced plan are provided a shared IP public IP address.
Content RoutingcheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.png

Content Routing on Barracuda Application Protection uses a number of parameters on the incoming request to identify and redirect traffic to various parts of an application. This could be anything from redirecting a user to the mobile application based on the HTTP UserAgent or routing traffic for A/B testing or enabling blue-green deployments.

Each content route requires an additional App license.

Zero Trust Network Access checkmarkIcon.pngBarracuda CloudGen Access is an innovative ZTNA solution that provides secure access to applications and workloads from any device and location. Barracuda Application Protection includes Barracuda CloudGen Access licenses to provide a secure access control surface for your internal applications that are published on the internet.
Load Balancing with Server Health MonitoringcheckmarkIcon.png
(Upto three (3) servers)

Applications onboarded on Barracuda Application Protection can be configured with multiple servers to spread the load and improve uptime. Barracuda Application Protection also includes Server Health Monitoring capabilities that continuously monitor application servers to switch traffic over in case of failure, improving uptime.

When moving from Premium to Advanced, ensure that you retain three (3) working servers and delete all other servers. If not, the Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service keeps the top three entries and deletes all other servers associated with the application.

Containerized Deployment checkmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection provides an additional deployment module, the Containerized WAF that can work in conjunction with the SaaS model to secure East-West traffic in microservices.
Per-App IP checkmarkIcon.pngApplications protected by the Application Protection Premium plan are provided with individual public IP addresses.
Reporting, Analytics, and Services
Log Export to SIEMOne export serverMultiple export servers Barracuda Application Protection allows all application logs (traffic and firewall) to be exported to external SIEM solutions for further retention and analysis.
Auto Configuration EnginecheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngAuto Configuration Engine is a service that reviews all your application traffic from connected units and provides application-specific configuration recommendations, reducing admin overhead.
Virtual Patching and Scanner IntegrationcheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection leverages our advanced vulnerability scanner to constantly monitor your entire deployment for vulnerabilities.  When it finds vulnerabilities – even in apps that are still in development – it can remediate them automatically or with a single click.
Log Storage Duration30 days60 daysDuration of firewall and traffic log storage on the Application Protection platform.
Configuration API AccesscheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Application Protection is built API-First. What this means in practice is that every capability on the product can be configured and tuned using the Configuration API. Available to all users, code samples and modules for popular automation tools are also provided on our GitHub page for easy integration with your automation toolchain.
Configuration SnapshotscheckmarkIcon.pngcheckmarkIcon.pngAll configuration changes on Barracuda Application Protection are stored as snapshots. These snapshots are created in JSON and are editable – and use our configuration API in the backend. This capability allows easy integration with DevOps/SecOps tools and enables easily repeatable deployments to enforce uniform security policies.
Advanced Reporting and Visualization checkmarkIcon.pngBarracuda Active Threat Intelligence Dashboard gives you at-a-glance visibility into traffic patterns and the types of clients who visit your website.
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