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Starting May 1st, 2018, we will no longer offer the ArchiveOne family of products. This includes all editions of ArchiveOne, ArchiveOne for Files, Max Compression, and Access Security Manager. If you currently hold a maintenance and support contract, you will continue to receive our award-winning support until your contract expires, or until May 1st, 2019, whichever occurs first. The license for ArchiveOne is perpetual; therefore the software may continue to be used independently without any updates or support indefinitely.

Getting Started

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When installing Barracuda ArchiveOne, the following components are available for installation:

  • ArchiveOne Core Services – a service that runs on a Windows 2008 R2 or later system and does the archiving by moving messages and/or attachments in mailboxes to storage. There is typically one ArchiveOne Service installed per Exchange site. The ArchiveOne Services component also installs:
    • Barracuda Advanced Discovery – Barracuda Advanced Discovery is an application which assists with examining mail related to litigation cases brought against your organization. You must have the Advanced Discovery module enabled in your license to use this feature.
    • Index Optimizer – provides the ArchiveOne Index Optimizer feature which improves the performance of index searches.
    • Client Installers – Creates Quick Link Client and Laptop Client MSI packages for client machine installation. These MSIs are specific to your ArchiveOne installation and can contain configuration details for your environment.
    • PST Client – Creates PST Processor share and executables for PST processing. You must have PST processing enabled in your license to use this feature.
  • ArchiveOne Admin – ArchiveOne administration console for configuring and administering ArchiveOne. You can install this component on additional machines so that you administer ArchiveOne without logging in to the Archive Server.
  • Search and Retrieval Website – Allows internal and external access for end users to their archived data.

ArchiveOne ships with a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows 3rd party applications to automate ArchiveOne actions and integration with it. Samples and documentation are installed in the SDK subdirectory of the installation directory.

Recommended Steps