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Starting May 1st, 2018, we will no longer offer the ArchiveOne family of products. This includes all editions of ArchiveOne, ArchiveOne for Files, Max Compression, and Access Security Manager. If you currently hold a maintenance and support contract, you will continue to receive our award-winning support until your contract expires, or until May 1st, 2019, whichever occurs first. The license for ArchiveOne is perpetual; therefore the software may continue to be used independently without any updates or support indefinitely.

Service Account Password Management

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Service Configuration

The service configuration includes an encrypted version of the password used for the account that runs the ArchiveOne Service. This is used as part of the security model that allows the Search and Retrieval Website, when running on a server other than the Archive server, to securely pass the authentication of the user connecting to the ArchiveOne Service. When you view the ArchiveOne Admin Status Node, it checks that the stored password is correct for the service account. If it is found to be wrong, an alert displays. If you are prompted to update the service account password details, or you have manually reset the service account password in Active Directory:

Step 1. Update Cached Service Account Password

  1. Open the ArchiveOne Admin console.
  2. Right-click the Status node, and click Manage password.
  3. Enter the correct password for the service account.
  4. A message displays indicating whether the entered password is correct.

Step 2. Update Stored Configuration on the Archive Server

You must also update the ArchiveOne services which use the service account as their identity.

  1. Open the Microsoft Services Console (services.msc).
  2. Update the Log On credentials for the ArchiveOne services:
    1. Right-click the service, and click Properties.
    2. On the Log On tab, type the new password, and click OK.
    3. Restart the service as prompted to affect the change.

      Repeat steps 2a through 2c for the following services:

        • ArchiveOne BMA Service
        • ArchiveOne CloudDR Sync
        • ArchiveOne Collection Coordinator
        • ArchiveOne Hub Service
        • ArchiveOne Index Optimizer
        • ArchiveOne Journal Archiving Service
        • ArchiveOne Mailbox Permissions Service
        • ArchiveOne Monitor Service
        • ArchiveOne PST Service
        • ArchiveOne Service
        • ArchiveOne Spoke Service
        • SQL Server (C2CARCHIVEONE)