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Starting May 1st, 2018, we will no longer offer the ArchiveOne family of products. This includes all editions of ArchiveOne, ArchiveOne for Files, Max Compression, and Access Security Manager. If you currently hold a maintenance and support contract, you will continue to receive our award-winning support until your contract expires, or until May 1st, 2019, whichever occurs first. The license for ArchiveOne is perpetual; therefore the software may continue to be used independently without any updates or support indefinitely.

What's New in Barracuda ArchiveOne

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Starting May 1st, 2018, we will no longer offer the ArchiveOne family of products. This includes all editions of ArchiveOne, ArchiveOne for Files, Max Compression, and Access Security Manager.

What's New in ArchiveOne 7.3

  • Migrate data from ArchiveOne repositories directly to Message Archiver or Cloud Archiving Service
  • New install wizard; complete rewrite of installer – Auto configures all Windows components and links to knowledgebase articles for missing items
  • Support for Outlook MAPI Now uses OL2010 32-bit or OL2013 32-bit instead of Exchange (Server) MAPI
  • Full auto-update feature User authorizes upgrade to new version and the system downloads and seamlessly updates the components across all servers and components
  • Performance improvements Second phase is now multi-threaded, providing a 3x - 15x performance improvement in archiving throughput
  • Mailbox Permissions Service Required permissions are now regularly enforced to prevent some mailboxes not being archived due to stale or changed permissions
  • New Local Configuration Store – All system components now read their configuration from a set of standard INI files instead of mix of web.config, registry, INI files, etc.
  • Additional automated pre-requisite tests to ensure system is correctly configured before installation begins
  • Support for Windows Server 2016
  • Links to knowledgebase articles for any/all warnings on completion of installation
  • Aall servers and components are now listed on the Admin Console Status page
  • All F1 help redirects to relevant Barracuda Campus articles

What's New in ArchiveOne 7.1

  • Support for Windows 10
  • Archive messages to Barracuda Message Archiver
  • Reporting Folder Sync data to Barracuda Message Archiver
  • When running a summary or capture operation in Barracuda Advanced Discovery, data can be collected from a Barracuda Message Archiver

What's New in ArchiveOne Release 7.0 SP1

  • New journal archiving service for more efficient journal processing
  • Run multiple PST policies at once
  • Continuous background mailbox permission management
  • Updates to the PST policy status information
  • Ability to start PST archiving on a repository
  • Better handling of non-Unicode PSTs approaching 2GB
  • During installation, IIS will have required role services enabled so these are no longer a prerequisite
  • New QuickLink and Laptop Client installation to handle Windows 8.1 enhancements
  • Better failure reporting in QuickLink
  • Repository size recalculation if it already has data when configured
  • When previewing a message in Advanced Discovery, search terms in the message are highlighted
  • PST nodes show migration status, pre-migration PST data size, and PST history
  • Better handling of embedded images in message links
  • Single dialog reports the status of all service operations as tabs
  • Diagnostic page allows diagnostic log files to be gathered from specified services
  • Details entered during pre-installation application are used as default during installation
  • In the ArchiveOne Deployment Analyzer, save results of a test to the local disk
  • Components and directories renamed from 'C2C' to 'Barracuda'

What's New in ArchiveOne Release 7.0

  • Task-oriented PST file processing

  • Quick Link Client starts up faster when Microsoft Outlook is offline

  • All configuration data stored in a SQL Server instance

  • SQL Server automatically installs SQL Server Management Studio

  • New ArchiveOne Deployment Analyzer tests

What's New in ArchiveOne Release 6.6

  • Combines the features of ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) and ArchiveOne Enterprise (Compliance)
  • Full support for Exchange being in a hybrid configuration, where some mailboxes are online and some on premises
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1
  • Support for journal archiving to journal repositories
  • Tags can be added to archived items for ease of identification and retrieval and to prevent deletion
  • Sampling has been incorporated into Archive Searches rather than being a separate node
  • Archiving can be optimized for performance or storage
  • During first time configuration, you can choose whether to run the Quick Start or Advanced configuration process
  • When running the Legal Console (in Web Administration web portal) you can specify the type of repositories to search - mailbox or journal
  • When retrieving mails (from Admin) or previewing (from Legal Console) if the mail is a journal envelope it will be the mail inside the envelope which is retrieved or previewed

What's New in ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) Release 6.5.3

  • Support for Exchange 2013
  • Support for Exchange Online and Office 365
  • Support for Exchange Resource Forest and Cross Forest topologies
  • AOneSearch website now more reactive
  • AOneSearch website data now more responsive to changes made in ArchiveOne Admin
  • Performance optimizations during archiving
  • Selected repositories can be excluded from AOneSearch website data
  • New ArchiveOne Deployment Analyzer tests – checks for SQL Express database size, CAS and EWS configuration

What's New in ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) Release 6.5.2

  • Support for Outlook 2013, SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10
  • Improved resilience when using Cloud Storage
  • Faster startup of websites
  • Rebuild Browse Archive database for a single repository 
  • Improved diagnostic trace management
  • Improved permissions management logic during installation
  • Improved support for Search and Retrieval website used through a table or smart phone
  • More efficient memory use when running very large archive searches (particularly recycle bin purge)
  • More efficient Unarchive

What's New in ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) Release 6.5.1

  • During index optimization, improved handling of partitions with errors
  • New policy action Change Retention Period
  • PSTs are visually grouped by status 

What's New in ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) Release 6.5

  • A new user website combining the functionality of searching the archive, viewing a folder hierarchy from the archive and live mailbox search
  • A new service will perform background optimization of repositories
  • Message links will now appear formatted with links to directly retrieve attachments
  • New policy action to archive only the attachments to a message
  • New policy action to archive a message and then delete the original
  • New storage manager supported – Amazon S3 cloud storage
  • Archive One Admin can be used to review the versions of Quick Link installed on users' desktops

  • When Quick Link retrieves a message, it will be compressed on the server and decompressed at the client, making retrievals faster over slow links

  • Web sites and services will be kept activated, making connections faster

  • Improved appearance of Quick Link user interface

  • Several new ArchiveOne Deployment Analyzer tests

What's New in ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) Release 6.3

  • Archive searches are optimized to produce faster results for searches containing data criteria or mailbox criteria

  • Policies can be configured to process Exchange 2010 Archive mailboxes

  • PST Processing is configured centrally from ArchiveOne Admin, rather than through command line options

What's New in ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) Release 6.2

  • Advanced Discovery, which introduces the following features:

    • Early Case Assessments (ECA, a summary of results) can be created as a result of running a policy or running an archive search

    • Collection (a new policy action) can be used to copy mailbox messages into the archive without creating message links 

    • When performing an archive search, results can be retrieved into a repository

  • When uncoupled PSTs are processed, ArchiveOne will attempt to determine who may have owned the PST. It will display a possible owner and confidence level 
  • New ArchiveOne Web Admin Dashboard widgets for performance tracking of 1st and 2nd stage archiving and retrieval rates
  • New ArchiveOne Web Admin Dashboard widget reporting repository sizes
  • A new policy search criterion "recipient" matches "From", "To", "CC" or "BCC"
  • A PST can be disconnected from the user's Outlook profile after processing without having to finalize the PST 
  • Roles and Rights can be applied to Web Administration widgets
  • System Health results can be saved and deleted, and tests can be excluded
  • ArchiveOne will configure an Exchange Throttling Policy (if the version of Exchange supports it) to allow it to process without being throttled by Exchange
  • A new default policy will be created, to apply Message Link Reconfiguration to every mailbox in mailbox manager
  • When configuring System Health, the details of the SMTP server to use can include advanced authentication details such as encryption type
  • Bates stamping now goes into the body of a message, not the subject

What's New in ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) Release 6.0 SR1 (6.0.1)

  • Amazon Cloud Storage
  • System Health process – regular health checks of the system
  • System Health checking during installation
  • Removed requirement for a public folder store
  • Managing Exchange 2010 throttling policies

What's New in ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) Release 6.0

  • A web based administration dashboard
  • A web based legal console
  • Enhanced auditing including web-based audit interrogation
  • Support for Outlook 2010 in 32bit and 64bit variants
  • Enhanced item indexing by improved use of 32bit and 64bit IFilters including all versions of Adobe Acrobat
  • PST Processing enhancements – progress reporting, improved control of archiving, disabling of PST management in Outlook, automatic finalization
  • Improved archive search behavior, including progress reporting
  • Laptop synchronization of offline repositories can use HTTP/HTTPS for synchronization
  • Admin-based control of Quick Link configuration
  • Use of Outlook local forms cache for Quick Link forms
  • Improved archive search website for users

What's New in ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) Release 5.8.2

  • Support for Exchange 2010
  • The configuration data (add-ins share) can now be placed on any server
  • Seamless upgrade of new releases

What's New in ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) Release 5.8

  • Users can now browse the archive to examine their previously archived message using a new intuitive interface integrated into Outlook
  • Forms based authentication capability is now available across all websites
  • A new Mailbox Archiving Wizard to help configure repositories and policies automatically
  • Finalization of PST's is now centralized and no longer policy specific
  • PST processing

What's New in ArchiveOne Policy Manager Release 5.6

  • Processing of uncoupled PSTs – PSTs not in an Outlook profile

  • Support for Windows Server 2008

What's New in ArchiveOne Policy Manager Release 5.4

  • When configuring an archiving policy, a repository can be specified which will override the default repository configured for the mailbox
  • Federated search – any system that supports the OpenSearch protocol, such as Microsoft Search Server 2008, can be used to search the ArchiveOne Policy archive
  • Awareness of items tagged for 'legal hold' in repositories shared with ArchiveOne Compliance Manager
  • Use of language files to allow all components to be used in any language for which a translation is available
  • Full Unicode compliance, so all components can be used in far eastern environments

What's New in ArchiveOne Policy Manager Release 5.3

  • Unified Repositories – data generated by different Managers in the ArchiveOne family can be stored and shared in the same repository
  • Single Entity Archiving – when the same item is archived multiple times into a repository, it is only stored once and subsequent instances store only difference data
  • Sampling – an archive search can be run to produce only a subset of the items (eg 1 in 17) for sampling items in the archive 
  • Scripts launched during events such as service start-up can be configured to run synchronously rather than asynchronously

What's New in ArchiveOne Policy Manager Release 5.2

  • Support for Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007
  • Ability to use Storage Controller Modules
  • Improved process for managing archive synchronization with offline client machines such as laptops
  • Improved process for managing archiving from PSTs
  • Administrators working with 3rd party Exchange applications, or needing to examine non-standard characteristics of messages, folders or mailboxes, can add custom MAPI properties to be searched on
  • An optional report created when messages are copied, to record the search criteria used and other details
  • Enhancements to the user interface for managing roles and administrative users
  • Ability to copy or move found messages into a mailbox
  • When deleting items, a policy can be configured to bypass the dumpster
  • When messages are copied or moved, the original hierarchy can be maintained
  • Optional output of policy configuration and results data to a configured Access or SQL Server database

  • Ability to delete from the archive any message links that match a mailbox search, such as message links found in the dumpster

  • The data stored by the ArchiveOne Data Manager Service (the temporary list of messages queued for archiving) will now persist between reboots of the server

What's New in ArchiveOne Policy Manager Release 5.0

  • An alternative approach to the mechanism of archiving, optimized for the most common archiving activities
  • Analysis and reporting of archived data
  • The ability to configure where temporary data generated during archiving is stored, to optimize use of fast hard drive space
  • Improved load balancing of multiple Exchange mailbox servers during archiving
  • Quick Link can be used through a firewall, by using firewall-friendly protocols and prompting for authentication if necessary
  • Comments can be given explaining why an administrative search of the archive is being done – the comment is audited with the search
  • The ability to pre-configure a set of archiving policies based on details such as industry sector
  • When items are retrieved from the archive during administrative search, they can be retrieved into the originating mailbox or into a named mailbox, and can recreate the hierarchy in which the messages were originally archived
  • The process of finding messages to archive has been accelerated
  • BridgeHead HT Data Repository can be used as a Storage Manager
  • PoINT can be used as a Storage Manager
  • PST Migration – once messages have been archived from a PST, the message links and remaining items can be moved into the mailbox and the PST removed

What's New in ArchiveOne Policy Release 4.2.2

  • Centera from EMC2 can be used as a Storage Manager
  • PowerFile can be used as a Storage Manager 
  • Compatibility with any drive-mapped storage manager
  • Quick Link now uses an alternative connectivity method, via the Search and Retrieval Website (renamed from the Search Website), to retrieve messages instead of DCOM (DCOM can still be used if desired)
  • Enhancements to the PST processor – improved display of status information on the progress dialog
  • Enhancements to the user interface for managing roles and administrative users
  • Message links now include the names of attachments in the message body of the link

What's New in ArchiveOne Policy Release 4.2

  • Single Instance Storage management – if the same attachment is mailed to two people, whose mailboxes are archived at the same time, then only one copy will be stored in the archive
  • Removal of items from the archive, to recover storage space
  • Recycle bin, to manage items marked for deletion from the archive but not yet deleted
  • Role and rights management – administrators can be granted rights to use some features of ArchiveOne Admin but restricted from other features
  • Support for embedded messages
  • Policy results generated in XML as well as HTML and CSV
  • 'Search archive' folder contains a message directing OWA users to use the ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) Search Website
  • Support for archiving Instant Messages using IM Manager from IMLogic
  • An improved installation process to address permissions and latency issues during installation
  • Installation of the ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) Search Website onto a server other than the ArchiveOne Service server – typically, for installation onto a front-end OWA server
  • Management of the service account password from within ArchiveOne Admin
  • The results of every 2nd stage archiving process can be automatically e-mailed to specified recipients
  • The history of all 2nd stage archiving processes is recorded and can be viewed
  • The history of updates to repositories (eg size of index data) is recorded and can be viewed 
  • If a large search is being attempted, a warning is given to the user
  • Improved selection of the diagnostic tracing level

What's New in ArchiveOne Policy Release 4.1.7

  • A monitor service to ensure the main service is running smoothly, and restart it if any problems occur
  • Better management and evidence collection if any problem mails are found while archiving
  • Improved support for complex OWA configurations (SSL and configuring the name of the OWA server to be used)
  • Speeding up archiving by controlling whether existing message links are checked during archive policies
  • Temporary disk space usage can be directed to a disk other than the C: disk 

What's New in ArchiveOne Policy Release 4.1.1

  • When searching for messages that meet criteria, if messages are found attached to a message (this happens if, for instance, a user selects two messages in Outlook then clicks 'forward'), the attached ones will also be checked to see if they meet the criteria
  • When searching for messages by recipient, many different representations of the recipient will be checked, including display name, primary e-mail address and e-mail addresses from other mail systems

  • Move and copy actions can put items into a PST file instead of a public folder

  • Changed the method of searching documents, so that an installation of Office is no longer required to search Office documents

  • Policy scheduling can be done to the granularity of minutes rather than hours

  • Automatic deletion of old policy result files

  • Optional entries in the Event Logs of activities, to allow third party monitoring tools to track behavior 

  • Example policies for 'Drag and drop' archiving and deleting old retrieved messages

  • 'Thread monitor' to alert unusual events while processing messages

  • 'Safe mode' to manage message processing after an unusual event

  • New policy search criteria and conditions

  • User interface and service performance improvements

What's New in ArchiveOne Policy Release 4.1

  • Archiving of public folder items
  • Folder Exclusions Manager to control which public folders can be archived
  • Unarchive as a policy action
  • "Folder is replicated" policy search criterion

What's New in ArchiveOne Policy Release 4.0

  • Data from different mailboxes can be stored in different repositories, which then means their storage and deletion behavior can be managed differently
  • Messages can be configured to expire, or can be deleted or put 'on hold' by an administrator
  • Multiple archive searches can be configured and stored, then run when required
  • Archive searches can be much more complex than in ArchiveOne Policy 3.2
  • The improved Search Website will display in English, French or German, depending on browser language
  • A configurable limit to the amount of data written into the public folder temporary store, to prevent busy periods overloading the Exchange server
  • New component "Quick Link" to make the retrieval of messages more seamless in Outlook
  • New component "Laptop client" synchronizes mailbox archive data onto the laptop so it can be retrieved from when offline

What's New in ArchiveOne Policy Release 3.2

  • Support for BrightStor ARCserve Backup version 11 from Computer Associates as a storage manager
  • Control of the amount of data moved from the ArchiveOne Capacity archive to the ArchiveOne Policy archive
  • Two stage archiving, to archive old mail to a public folder store then archive very old mail to offline store. This can be particularly useful if you are upgrading from ArchiveOne Capacity and already have a public folder archive, and you want to move the older items offline


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