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Starting May 1st, 2018, we will no longer offer the ArchiveOne family of products. This includes all editions of ArchiveOne, ArchiveOne for Files, Max Compression, and Access Security Manager. If you currently hold a maintenance and support contract, you will continue to receive our award-winning support until your contract expires, or until May 1st, 2019, whichever occurs first. The license for ArchiveOne is perpetual; therefore the software may continue to be used independently without any updates or support indefinitely.

How to Resolve Index File Causing Search to Fail - Status Error -37

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This article refers to the Barracuda ArchiveOne version 7.3 and higher.

If Searches from the ArchiveOne Admin console or from the ArchiveOneSearch website fail to complete, open the service trace and search for error -37. Error -37 is a General Error that indicates that one of the extended files is damaged in some way and cannot be read, causing the search to fail.

An individual masterfile refers to a number of extended index files, so further diagnostics are required to determine which individual extended file is causing the issue.

Figure 1. Sample Service Trace.  

07 13:08:07 395304 @DCOM4927e310 SODPopulateVector found 124 records in repository 'Year_2011′ code 'Repository [Year_2011] Index num 0′
07 13:08:07 407903 @DCOM4927e310 DetermineSearchMasterFilename::Copying index master 'I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartSearch_SERVER03_P_{C7009644-36B2-49E9-B443-BA7A531B88FE}\MasterFile1.a1i' to search temp 'I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartSearch_SERVER03_P_{C7009644-36B2-49E9-B443-BA7A531B88FE}\TempSearch_MasterFile1.a1i'
07 13:08:07 413215 @DCOM4927e310 CSearchIndex::OpenIndex – Opening master index file 'I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartSearch_SERVER03_P_{C7009644-36B2-49E9-B443-BA7A531B88FE}\TempSearch_MasterFile1.a1i'
07 13:08:07 417478 @DCOM4927e310 IsMasterFileEmpty checking size of master file 'I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartSearch_SERVER03_P_{C7009644-36B2-49E9-B443-BA7A531B88FE}\TempSearch_MasterFile1.a1i'
07 13:08:07 420877 @DCOM4927e310 file size of 'I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartSearch_SERVER03_P_{C7009644-36B2-49E9-B443-BA7A531B88FE}\TempSearch_MasterFile1.a1i' is 30192
07 13:08:07 456458 @DCOM4927e310 Ranked string='NULL' Boolean string='( 0×6300610073006800 ) & ( ( 0x4d4d426f785f2f6f3d42454c464f522f6f753d4269726d696e6768616d2f636e3d526563697069656e74732f636e3d544c756e6465656e ) ) '
07 13:08:07 636822 @DCOM4927e310 CSearchIndex::ixProcessQuery() failed. Status: -37
07 13:08:07 641528 @DCOM4927e310 That error code was unexpected
07 13:08:07 646299 @DCOM4927e310 MetaSearchIndex::Search AOneSearchIndex failed for respository 'Year_2011′, status 3:ACSS_SEARCH_FAILED

Resolve the Issue

To resolve this issue, use the following steps to enable the diagnostic partition mode on the Archive Server.

Complete the following steps on the Archive server:

  1. Browse to the Local Configuration Store in C:\ProgramData\Barracuda\ArchiveOne\LocalConfigurationStore
  2. Open the file Service.ini in a text editor such as Notepad.
  3. At the bottom of the file, add a new line: ArchiveSearchDiagnosticMode=1.
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Open the Microsoft Services console (services.msc) and restart the ArchiveOne Service.  
  6. Re-run the search to reproduce the error and collect the latest log files. This allows you to identify the extended file that is causing the issue. Search for the line about to check partition file which precedes the -37 error. For example:
  7. 13 16:07:35 317924 @IndexPartition_1164 About to check partition file '1\SERVER03_P120205212222_0000.a1i'
    13 16:07:35 345101 @IndexPartition_1164 Rebuilding master 'I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}\MasterFile.a1i' from 1 extended files
    13 16:07:35 373005 @IndexPartition_1164 CSearchIndex::SearchCount now searching repository 'Year_2011′
    13 16:07:35 376459 @IndexPartition_1164 *** INFO:searching repository 'Year_2011′ using index files from 'I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}' for item count
    13 16:07:35 386971 @IndexPartition_1164 GetCurrentMasterIndexNumber: failed to get master index number file because 'I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}\MasterNumber.a1i was not found.'
    13 16:07:35 415578 @IndexPartition_1164 DetermineSearchMasterFilename::Copying index master 'I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}\MasterFile.a1i' to search temp 'I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}\TempSearch_MasterFile.a1i'
    13 16:07:35 426638 @IndexPartition_1164 CSearchIndex::OpenIndex – Opening master index file 'I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}\TempSearch_MasterFile.a1i'
    13 16:07:35 439370 @IndexPartition_1164 IsMasterFileEmpty checking size of master file 'I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}\TempSearch_MasterFile.a1i'
    13 16:07:35 450067 @IndexPartition_1164 file size of 'I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}\TempSearch_MasterFile.a1i' is 4848
    13 16:07:35 459915 @IndexPartition_1164 Ranked string='NULL' Boolean string='#0x4d65737361676544656c697665727954696d65.0 – 4294967295#'
    13 16:07:35 476938 @IndexPartition_1164 CSearchIndex::ixProcessQuery() failed. Status: -37

  8. Send a copy of the file in question to Barracuda Support to determine if the file can be repaired. If the file cannot be repaired, you must restore the file from backup.
  9. To revert the change, delete the ArchiveSearchDiagnosticMode line created in step 3 above from the service.ini, and then restart the ArchiveOne Service.
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