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ArchiveOne installer unable to create or configure ArchiveOne service account

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  • Date changed: one year ago
Solution # 00007731

Scope: ArchiveOne Enterprise, v6.6 or later



When running the ArchiveOne installer, you receive the error message:

?Setup was unable to create or configure the required account. If the user account exists, ensure that it has an Exchange mailbox. If it does not exist, ensure that you have the rights to create both the user account and mailbox. Setup will now abort. In order for Barracuda Support to assist you in solving this problem, please save the installation trace file and create a new support ticket with Barracuda Support.?


As the error message states either:

·                     The named ArchiveOne service domain account already exists but has no mailbox so the installer is attempting to create one;

·                     The named ArchiveOne service domain account doesn?t exist and the installer needs to create both the specified account and a mailbox for it.

These operations are failing as the currently logged on user (under whose account the installer is running) has insufficient permissions to perform these operations.


To perform the installation, the installing user requires the following rights as listed in the Installation Requirements section.

If the domain account you have specified for the ArchiveOne service account doesn?t exist, or doesn?t have a mailbox:

1.                   You should manually create this account in Active Director (AD) if it doesn?t yet exist, and provision it with an Exchange mailbox.

2.                   Now re-run the installer and when asked to name the ArchiveOne service account, choose the ?browse? option to select this existing account from AD.

If the installer still fails to configure the ArchiveOne service account, you should click the ?Save Trace? button on the error dialog to save the log file and send it to Barracuda Support for diagnostics.

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