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Migrate existing configuration option during upgrades of ArchiveOne

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 10 months ago
Solution #  00007732

Scope: ArchiveOne Enterprise, v7.0 or later



ArchiveOne v7.0 or later stores some configuration information in a new database (C2CAOneConfig) in the SQL instance used by ArchiveOne. If older versions of ArchiveOne, this information was stored in Access databases in the Add-ins share. When upgrading to v7, you can choose to migrate this data which includes:

*The list of users and their configuration defined in Mailbox Manager.
*The list of PST files and their history defined in Coupled PSTs and Uncoupled PSTs.
*The list of tags defined in Tags.
*The archiving history for all defined repositories.

If you wish to maintain the current configuration, then you should choose to migrate the data to SQL. If you do not migrate this data, you will need to:

*Redefine all users in the Mailbox Manager.
*Rediscover all PSTs.
*Redefine all tags.

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