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Policy finds no matching items

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution # 00007735

Scope:  ArchiveOne Enterprise, v6.0 or later



You have run a policy but it finds 0 matching items. The ArchiveOne service trace shows:

11 11:09:43 *** INFO:Completed processing of X mailboxes, Y folders, 0 messages 
11 11:09:43 *** INFO:No search matches found


This may indicate an issue if you were expecting your policy to find matching items. For example:

*Your policy criteria may require refinement to match the expected items.
*The ArchiveOne service account is unable to login to the target mailbox to process the policy.


You should review the policy criteria to ensure it is correct. For more information on policies see: Search Criteria

If you are seeing the status that 0 folders have been processed, this can be resolved as per: What can a Customer do when archiving policy shows x mailboxes, 0 folders, 0 messages examined

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