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Title: How to display additional Active Directory information in the Mailbox Name column of Mailbox Manager

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution # 00007769


Scope: ArchiveOne, v6.3.0.2640 or later




This article explains how to display Active Directory information, in addition to the Display Name, to the Mailbox Name column in the Mailbox Manager node.  This example will explain how to add the users' email address (LDAP attribute = UserPrincipalName) , but any other LDAP information can be substituted as long as the correct LDAP attribute is specified (see Related Articles).  The default setting for the Mailbox Name column is to show the Display Name of the user, as shown below.



1. Stop any Policies that are running and close the ArchiveOne admin console.
2. Ensure you have a current backup of your Mailbox Manager (in v7.0 or later, this is done by ensuring you have backed up the C2CAOneConfig database in the SQL instance used by ArchiveOne).
3. Obtain the ArchiveOneAnalyzer from Barracuda Support.
4. Using Notepad, open the ArchiveOneAnalyzer.exe.config located in the ArchiveOneAnalyzer folder you downloaded.
5. Edit the following line to reflect the desired change: <value>[displayname] ([cn])</value>

6. E.g.: <value>[displayname] ([UserPrinciplaName])</value>Save the file.Run the ArchiveOneAnalyzer.exe from the ArchiveOneAnaylzer folder and make the following settings changes in the ArchiveOne Migration Analyzer window.

7. If appropriate, change the Configuration Server field to point to your Configuration Server.
8. In the Analyzer Stages; deselect Partition and Mailbox Manager.
9. In the Name Formatter choose ?Custom?.


1. Once the above changes have been made, click the Start button.
2. When the process has completed you will receive a popup stating 'Analysis succeeded', click OK.
3. Close the ArchiveOne Migration Analyzer window.

Open the ArchiveOne Administration Console to confirm your changes were successful. Note that the email address has been added to the Mailbox Name column, e.g.{click here}

The ArchiveOne Migration Analyzer will need to be re-run if you add users after making these changes.






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