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ArchiveOne Quick Link Client retrievals fail since upgrading

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: one year ago

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You have recently upgraded the ArchiveOne installation and deployed the new Quick Link Client to workstations. Archived messages can no longer be retrieved with the new version of the Quick Link Client. However, users with the previous version of the Quick Link Client are able to retrieve archived messages successfully. Checking the ArchiveOne service trace, you can see that the message can't be located by its GUID because the correct information is not being parsed. You will see the line:

LinkGuidToMessage called to find message with guid '_XXXX'

where XXXX is the name of a repository, rather than the message's GUID.

The reason for this error is that parsing of the archive web url properties can fail in certain circumstances in ArchiveOne Quick Link Client versions and prior.

This issue has been fixed in Quick Link Client v6.5.1.2831 and later. You should upgrade to ArchiveOne v6.5.1.2831 or later and deploy the new version of the Quick Link Client. Please contact your Barracuda Support representative for advice on the upgrade process and to obtain the required version.




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