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Retrieving messages to PST from Archive Search in Admin console fails with MAPI error 0x8007000e

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution # 00007647

Scope: ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



You have run an archive search using the ArchiveOne Admin console, and are retrieving the results to PST but not all messages are retrieved successfully. You may receive a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) error. The following errors are seen in the ArchiveOne service trace:

09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 *** INFO:creating new message in \3
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CMessage::Populate - Error setting tag property 0x66a10003 Prob.scode = 0x80070005
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CMessage::Populate - Error setting tag property 0x66c60102 Prob.scode = 0x80070005
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CMessage::Populate - Error setting tag property 0x66c70102 Prob.scode = 0x80070005
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CMessage::Populate - Error setting tag property 0x67090040 Prob.scode = 0x80070005
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CMessage::Populate - Error setting tag property 0x67200102 Prob.scode = 0x80070005
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CAttachment::AddToMessage() - Error setting tag property 0xff90102 Prob.scode = 0x8004011a
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CMessage::Populate SetProps for StandardProperties Failed 0x8007000e
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CMAPILargeProperty::AddToObject CMessage::Read failed
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 RemoveNamedProperties() - SaveChanges() failed. hr = 0x8007000e
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CAMComplianceServer::SearchIndexGetMessageHierarchy 0x5c9643c
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CAMComplianceServer::SearchIndexGetMessageHierarchy found sessions folder pointer invalid
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CAMComplianceServer::CloseRetrievalSession session release refcount 1
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CAMComplianceServer::OpenRetrievalSession found existing session for id 0x5c9643c
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CreateExchangeProfile ProfileName 'AOnePolRet_e9aac23e05c9643c'
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CreateExchangeProfile HrQueryAllRows returned 1 rows
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CreateExchangeProfile found row with service name MSPST MS
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CreateExchangeProfile failed to configure message service 8007000e
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 RPT:0000 CreateExchangeProfile ConfigureMsgService returned MAPI 0x8007000e(MAPI_E_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY) There is not enough memory available to perform the operation
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 RetrievalSession::OpenPstRetrievalSession found CreateExchangeProfile failed 0x8007000e
09 13:53:54 @DCOM02002e20 CAMComplianceServer::OpenRetrievalSession failed to open Retrieval session 0x0


There could be a number of different causes, including limited system resources, a corrupt message or damage to the MAPI installation on the Archive server.


If you are retrieving a large number of messages at once, you can try limiting the number of messages you retrieve at one time. If this is successful, you may be able to complete your retrieval but retrieving smaller batches of messages.


You should perform the following steps:

1. Confirm that there is sufficient free system memory available on the Archive server e.g. using Task Manager.
2. Test that there isn't a corrupt message causing the failure, by retrieving the next message before the retrieval failed (the next message in the search results list that isn't marked as 'retrieved').
3. Ensure the MAPI CDO (listed in Programs & Features as 'Messaging API and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1') is the latest version (6.5.8353.0), and if not update this from 

Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1 March 2014 Update

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