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Retrieving message via OWA displays the Inbox rather than the message

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution # 00007691

Scope: ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



When clicking on a message retrieval link in a stub, the user is directed to the Outlook Web Access (OWA) Inbox instead of displaying the retrieved message as expected. Looking in the AOneSearch.log you can see that the URL isn't fully formed and is missing the message details. Referencing this in the ArchiveOne service tracing, you can see the autodiscover operation is unable to determine the user email address:

20 11:37:24 258257 @DCOM0439f9f0 AutoDiscovery::Get FAILED to to get AutoDiscover data from table for '', run AutoDiscover for it
20 11:37:24 261202 @DCOM0439f9f0 AutoDiscovery::GetProperties for ''
20 11:37:24 262708 @DCOM0439f9f0 DiscoverPropsArray called for 
20 11:37:24 265658 @DCOM0439f9f0 GetProfileProps called with blank email address
20 11:37:24 267166 @DCOM0439f9f0 AutoDiscovery::GetProperties got 0 properties, not the expected count
20 11:37:24 270072 @DCOM0439f9f0 AutoDiscovery::Get FAILED to AutoDiscover for ''
20 11:37:24 271611 @DCOM0439f9f0 GenFullURLFromMsg() - Using EWS to retrieve owa url
20 11:37:26 277068 @DCOM0439f9f0 GenOwaUrlFromEWS() - The call to AOneEWS succeeded but the url it returned was empty. Returning blank string to force fallback url code.
20 11:37:26 279529 @DCOM0439f9f0 GenFullURLFromMsg() - EWS call failed. Using fallback procedure to generate the URL
20 11:37:26 281352 @DCOM0439f9f0 CAMComplianceServer::GenExchange2013URL() - could not get the OWA url using EWS, resorting to legacy method
20 11:37:26 283286 @DCOM0439f9f0 CAMComplianceServer::GenExchange2013URLSegment failed to find '@' in ''


In this instance you can see that the SMTP address could not be found for the user in question: Get FAILED to AutoDiscover for ''

This should appear as: Get FAILED to AutoDiscover for ''


Remove and re-add the user to the Mailbox Manager node in the ArchiveOneAdmin console:

1. Open the ArchiveOne Admin console.
2. Select the Mailbox Manager node.
3. Right-click the affected user and select 'Delete'.
4. Right-click the Mailbox Manager node and select 'Add mailboxes...'.
5. Select the affected user from the list and click OK.
6. If necessary, re-add other users to the list of users allow to search the archive of the affected user.

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