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What areas should be excluded from on demand antivirus scanning?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
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ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions.

Anti-virus (AV) products, especially those set to perform ?on access? scanning, frequently misreport temporary files created by the ArchiveOne suite of products as having a virus payload.  Therefore it is recommended that you exclude the following directories from AV ?on access? scanning:

  • Add-ins shared folder
    • The Add-ins folder is located on the Archive server by default (for v7 or later): C:\ProgramData\Barracuda\Archive One\Add-ins
    • For older versions (prior to v7): C:\ProgramData\C2C Systems\Archive One\Add-ins
      • This was also permitted to be on another server, defined as the Configuration server.
  • Installation directory
    • By default (for v7 or later): C:\Program Files(x86)\Barracuda\ArchiveOne
    • For older versions: C:\Program Files(x86)\C2C Systems\ArchiveOne
  • Filter services directory
    • By default (for v7 or later): C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Barracuda\ArchiveOne
    • For older versions: C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\C2C Systems\ArchiveOne
  • Repository Temporary data directories
    • as listed in the repository definition(s). To locate the temporary data folder:
      • Open the ArchiveOne admin console, and click the Repositories node.
      • Right-click on a repository, and click Properties.
      • Navigate to the Temporary Data tab and note the path for the temporary data location.
  • The System Temporary data directory (if different from any location indicated above):
    • To locate the default temporary data folder, open the ArchiveOne Admin console.
    • Right-click the Status node, and click Run System Configuration Wizard.
    • Click Next until you reach the Server Data Location step and note the path for the temporary data directory.
  • The ArchiveOne Service Account profile folder
    • by default, C:\Users\ArchiveOneAdmin.
Depending on the AV software being run you may also find it useful to exclude ALL the ArchiveOne services processes (listed in ?Task Manager?) such as:
  • AOneItemListService.exe
  • AOneItemListJournalService.exe
  • AOneItemListPSTService.exe
  • AOneJournalService.exe
  • AOnePolMonitor.exe
  • AOnePolService.exe
  • AOnePstService.exe
  • AOneReindexService.exe
  • ArchiveOneMailboxPermissionsService.exe
  • ArchiveOneWebSupport.exe
  • CollectionCoordinator.exe
  • FilterService2.exe
  • FilterService642.exe
Also note that Barracuda cannot offer advice on any specific AV product. If in doubt on how to set exclusions please consult your AV solution vendor.

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