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How can a customer resolve extended index file causing search to fail with status error -37

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Solution #00007303



ArchiveOne Enterprise, v6.0 or later.



Searches from the ArchiveOne Admin console or from the AOneSearch website fail to complete.


The following error is seen in the service tracing:


07 13:08:07 395304 @DCOM4927e310 SODPopulateVector found 124 records in repository ?Year_2011? code ?Repository [Year_2011] Index num 0?

07 13:08:07 407903 @DCOM4927e310 DetermineSearchMasterFilename::Copying index master ?I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartSearch_SERVER03_P_

{C7009644-36B2-49E9-B443-BA7A531B88FE}\MasterFile1.a1i? to search temp ?I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartSearch_SERVER03_P_{C7009644-36B2-49E9-B443-BA7A531B88FE}


07 13:08:07 413215 @DCOM4927e310 CSearchIndex::OpenIndex ? Opening master index file ?I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartSearch_SERVER03_P_


07 13:08:07 417478 @DCOM4927e310 IsMasterFileEmpty checking size of master file ?I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartSearch_SERVER03_P_{C7009644-36B2-49E9-B443-BA7A531B88FE}


07 13:08:07 420877 @DCOM4927e310 file size of ?I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartSearch_SERVER03_P_


\TempSearch_MasterFile1.a1i? is 30192

07 13:08:07 456458 @DCOM4927e310 Ranked string=?NULL? Boolean string=?( 0×6300610073006800 ) & ( ( 0x4d4d426f785f2f6f3d42454c464f522f6f753d4269726d696e6768616d2f636e3d526563697069656e74732f636e3d544c756e6465656e ) ) ?

07 13:08:07 636822 @DCOM4927e310 CSearchIndex::ixProcessQuery() failed. Status: -37

07 13:08:07 641528 @DCOM4927e310 That error code was unexpected

07 13:08:07 646299 @DCOM4927e310 MetaSearchIndex::Search AOneSearchIndex failed for respository ?Year_2011?, status 3:ACSS_SEARCH_FAILED





Error -37 is a General Error. It indicates that one of the extended files is damaged in some way and can?t be read. This causes the search to fail. An individual masterfile refers to a number of extended index files, so further diagnostics are required to determine which individual extended file is causing the issue.




On the Archive server, enable the diagnostic partition mode:


Important: This involves editing the Windows machine registry. Using the Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious, system-wide problems that may require you to re-install Windows to correct them. C2C cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use this tool at your own risk. It is highly recommended that you create a backup of the registry before making any changes.

  1. Open the Registry Editor by running ?regedit?.
  2. Browse to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\AOnePolService\Parameters.
  3. Create a new DWORD named ?ArchiveSearchDiagnosticMode? with value ?1?.
  4. Close the Registry Editor.
  5. Open the Microsoft Services console (services.msc).
  6. Restart the service ?ArchiveOne Service? to affect the change.

Now rerun the search to reproduce the error and collect the latest log files. You will now be able identify the extended file that is causing the issue by locating the line ?about to check partition file? which appears preceding the -37 error.

For example:

13 16:07:35 317924 @IndexPartition_1164 About to check partition file ?1\SERVER03_P120205212222_0000.a1i?

13 16:07:35 345101 @IndexPartition_1164 Rebuilding master ?I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_

{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}\MasterFile.a1i? from 1 extended files

13 16:07:35 373005 @IndexPartition_1164 CSearchIndex::SearchCount now searching repository ?Year_2011?

13 16:07:35 376459 @IndexPartition_1164 *** INFO:searching repository ?Year_2011? using index files from ?I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}

? for item count

13 16:07:35 386971 @IndexPartition_1164 GetCurrentMasterIndexNumber: failed to get master index number file because ?I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_

{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}\MasterNumber.a1i was not found.?

13 16:07:35 415578 @IndexPartition_1164 DetermineSearchMasterFilename::Copying index master ?I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}

\MasterFile.a1i? to search temp ?I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_


13 16:07:35 426638 @IndexPartition_1164 CSearchIndex::OpenIndex ? Opening master index file ?I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}


13 16:07:35 439370 @IndexPartition_1164 IsMasterFileEmpty checking size of master file ?I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_


13 16:07:35 450067 @IndexPartition_1164 file size of ?I:\Year_2011\Index\TempPartIndex_SERVER03_P_{E1FA5681-C1EA-493C-9BEA-E7DFF41A67A5}

\TempSearch_MasterFile.a1i? is 4848

13 16:07:35 459915 @IndexPartition_1164 Ranked string=?NULL? Boolean string=?#0x4d65737361676544656c697665727954696d65.0 ? 4294967295#?

13 16:07:35 476938 @IndexPartition_1164 CSearchIndex::ixProcessQuery() failed. Status: -37

Send a copy of the file in question to Barracuda Support to attempt to repair the file. If the file can not be repaired, then the file will need be restored from backup.

To revert the registry change, delete the key ?ArchiveSearchDiagnosticMode? which you created and then restart the ArchiveOne Service to affect the change.


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