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Unable to connect to Mailbox Manager database error 0x8000ffff

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00007311


ArchiveOne Enterprise, v6.0 or later.



Failure to access the Mailbox Manager database can manifest in a number of ways: users may be unable to retrieve messages and you will see an error when attempting to access the Mailbox Manager node in the ArchiveOne Admin console. The following error is seen in the ArchiveOne service tracing:

28 07:59:49 @UpdateDNThread10a8 AOneMailboxManagerDatabase::Connect Connection Open failed 0x8000ffff (Catastrophic failure)

28 07:59:49 @UpdateDNThread10a8 TraceConnectionFailure found 1 errors:

28 07:59:49 @UpdateDNThread10a8 Error 0x8000ffff from source 'Provider' description 'Catastrophic failure'

28 07:59:49 @UpdateDNThread10a8 AOneMailboxManagerDatabase::Connect can not connect so try to create database

28 07:59:49 @UpdateDNThread10a8 AOneMailboxManagerDatabase::CreateDatabase

28 07:59:49 @UpdateDNThread10a8 AOneMailboxManagerDatabase::CreateDatabase Connection to DB failed but file exists so not overwriting file, just forcing error - file '\\RMI-ARCHIVE1\Add-ins\AOnePol\ServerData\MailboxManager.mdb'

28 07:59:49 @UpdateDNThread10a8 AOneMailboxManagerDatabase::Connect Not connected to database


You may be experiencing a known issue with the Microsoft SQL Server ODBC driver as described here on the following Microsoft Support article: 

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