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How can the customer resolve unarchiving or retrieval fails with MAPI 0x80004005 error

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Solution #00007328


ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



When running an unarchiving policy or attempting to retrieve a message this fails. The service tracing shows the error MAPI 0x80004005 when attempting to write the retrieved message to the mailbox:

Example 1:

11 14:38:15 @1c04 *** INFO:creating new message in \Inbox\My Folder

11 14:38:15 @1c04 RPT:2222 CMAPILargeProperty::AddToObject OutStream->Write returned MAPI 0x80004005(MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED) An error of unexpected or unknown origin occurred

11 14:38:15 @1c04 CAttachment::AddToMessage LargeProperties.GetAt)->AddToObject(pAtt) failed ox80004005

11 14:38:15 @1c04 CMessage::Populate ProcessAttachments Failed 0x80004005

11 14:38:15 @1c04 CAMComplianceServer::AddNamedProps OpenEntry failed 0x80040107

Example 2:

06 13:53:01 857959 @888 *** INFO:creating new message in \Sent Items

06 13:53:01 861847 @888 CMessage::Populate UseUnicode 1

06 13:53:01 865431 @888 CMessage::Populate - Error setting tag property 0x67480014 Prob.scode = 0x80070005

06 13:53:01 866646 @888 CMessage::Populate SetProps for StandardProperties 0x0

06 13:53:11 909316 @888 CAMComplianceServer::WriteMessage calling RemoveNamedProperties

06 13:53:11 919863 @888 RemoveNamedProperties() - SaveChanges() failed. hr = 0x80004005

06 13:53:11 924361 @888 CAMComplianceServer::WriteMessage pMsg->SaveChanges failed 0x80004005

06 13:53:11 934872 @888 CAMComplianceServer::GetMessageToFolder WriteMessage failed 0x80004005


The ArchiveOne service account is unable to write data to the mailbox due to mailbox quota or delivery restrictions.


You should check the delivery restrictions and mailbox quota for the affected user mailbox. It is likely the user is at their quota limit, or has delivery restrictions in place preventing messages with large attachments being successfully written to the mailbox.

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