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How Can a customer resolve journal archiving not capturing all messages from the Journal mailbox?

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ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions


ArchiveOne for Exchange is designed to archive messages from users who are listed in its own Mailbox Manager. Exchange Journaling is designed to capture all mail to or from any user in a designated Exchange Store. When ArchiveOne runs a journal archive policy, a message is archived from the Exchange Journal mailbox only if any one recipient on the messages matches a user listed in Mailbox Manager.

Any messages in the Journal where no recipients match a user in the Mailbox Manager will be skipped for archiving and remain in the Journal mailbox by default, unless you have enabled the Journal Cleanup behavior to delete all messages regardless of whether they are archived or not. Over time, the Journal mailbox may increase in size as there are some messages which contain no matching recipients and are skipped. If you are choosing the Journal Cleanup behavior to only delete messages which are archived, then you will need to periodically manage the contents of this Journal mailbox manually and delete any items no longer required.

The typical licence key for journal archiving is for a defined number of mailboxes and this requires you to specify these mailboxes in the Mailbox Manager. If you would like to archive all messages from the Journal mailbox regardless of recipient, then you may wish to consider purchasing a licence key that ignores Mailbox Manager.  For more information, please contact your Account Manager or
Note on Journaling in Exchange: To ensure all recipients (To/From/CC/BCC) are accurately captured you should consider using Exchange's Envelope Journaling feature and not just standard Journaling.

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