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How can I resolve "MSG1260: There is a problem reading the list of mailboxes"

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ArchiveOne Enterprise, pre v7.0



When trying to add mailboxes to the Mailbox Manager node in the ArchiveOne admin console, a message box appears which states:

"MSG1260: There is a problem reading the list of mailboxes. You can clear the list of mailboxes by renaming the file \\CONFIGURATION_SERVERNAME\Add-ins\AOnePol\ServerData\MailboxManager.mdb then restarting the service and admin.

Note: If you do rename the file, you will lose your current list of mailboxes and will have to re-add them. Contact your Archive One provider for more details."


ArchiveOne uses a Microsoft Access database in which to hold the list of mailboxes to be considered for processing, along with a small amount of ancillary data. There can be a number of reasons why this database isn't accessible or, in very rare circumstances, has become corrupted.


Work through the following troubleshooting steps:
  1. Browse to: \\CONFIGURATION_SERVERNAME\Add-ins\AOnePol\ServerData and confirm the MailboxManager.mdb file is present.
  2. If this file is missing, restore it from your most recent backup.
  3. If the file is present, confirm the ArchiveOne service account has Full Control permissions on this file.
  4. If the permissions on the file are correct, take a backup copy of file and then run a database repair through Microsoft Access.
  5. Open the MailboxManager.mdb in Microsoft Access.
  6. Click on the File and select 'Compact & Repair'.
  7. Once the repair is complete, close the database file.

If the error message still persists after the database repair, you will have to rename the existing database file and create a new database.
  1. Rename the existing MailboxManager.mdb.
  2.  Open the Microsoft Services console (services.msc) and restart the 'ArchiveOne Service'.
  3. A new database file will have been created. Open the ArchiveOne Admin console and confirm the error is resolved.
You will need to add all the required mailboxes back into the Mailbox Manager before proceeding.

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