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What processes occur at each hour on the ArchiveOne server?

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ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions


At the start of every hour ArchiveOne will run a series of automated processes designed to ensure the smooth operation of the product. Some of these processes can be disabled but most cannot and so it is important to recognise that, at the top of every hour, there may be a (small) reduction in the speed of non-scheduled processes (such as retrievals).

The processes that run are as follows:
  • A check of the service control manager to ensure connection to Exchange.
  • Validation of the licence key (note that this is a separate check to that the one seen in the console).
  • A check to see if a recycle bin search, fast index rebuild, or cloud repository validation are requested.
  • Validation of the policy definitions.
  • Writing out of some server and memory details into tracing.
  • Consideration of any queued tasks for the 'Zipmaker' process.
  • A check on the current size of all mailboxes listed in the mailbox manager and updating of the database as appropriate.
  • Compression of any old audit files.
  • Updating the mailbox manager DNLookup table.
As noted, there are a few of these tasks that can be disabled (if unwanted or causing resource issues) which are detailed in: HOWTO: Disable the hourly processes in ArchiveOne Enterprise

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