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How can a Customer add a user in a child domain to ArchiveOne Roles & Users

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ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



There are instances when you want to give permissions to users in a different domain to administer ArchiveOne in some way. For example, you may want a user in a child domain to be able to search the archive from the ArchiveOne Web Admin Console. This article explains how to add a user in a child domain to allow that user to be granted permissions in the ArchiveOne admin console.


From a Domain Controller,
  1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC).
  2. Locate the 'ArchiveOneUsers' global security group in the root domain. This group is found by default in the 'Users' container.
  3. 'ArchiveOneUsers' is the default group name, but you may have chosen a different name which follows your naming convention.
  4. Right-click and select 'Properties'. 
  5. Confirm the group type is a Global Security group.
  6. In ADUC, expand the child domain.
  7. In a suitable container, (e.g. 'Users'), right-click and select 'New' > 'Group'.
  8. Create a new Global Security group with the same name (by default 'ArchiveOneUsers') as the existing security group in the root domain and click 'OK'.
  9. Right-click the newly created group and select 'Properties'. 
  10. On the Members tab, click 'Add' and select the user accounts from the child domain that you wish to grant ArchiveOne permissions to.
  11. Click 'OK' to save the group membership.

To confirm the users in the child domain now have the appropriate ArchiveOne permissions:
  1. Open the ArchiveOne Admin console.
  2. Expand the 'Roles and Users' node and select 'Users'.
  3. Confirm the users you added from the child domain are now listed here (they will appear in the form 'ChildDomain\Username').

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