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How can a customer perform an upgrade by uninstalling/reinstalling ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy & Compliance) to v6.6

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ArchiveOne Enterprise, 6.6 or earlier



If you are upgrading ArchiveOne Enterprise to v6.6 and are running versions of Policy v6.5.2 (or earlier) and Compliance v6.5.0 (or earlier), then you will need to uninstall both Policy and Compliance prior to upgrading to the new version.

If you are not certain whether to perform an in-place upgrade or upgrade via uninstall/reinstall, then please contact your C2C Support representative for advice.


To upgrade ArchiveOne:

You will need a new license for ArchiveOne Enterprise if you wish to combine the Journal archiving functionality of Compliance and the mailbox archiving functionality of Policy into a single installation. To request your updated license from your Support representative you will need your current licence details. From the ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) administration console:
  1. Right-click the Status node and select 'Configure'.
  2. Select the Licensing tab and click 'Review or Change License Key'.
  3. Take a screenshot of your license details.
  4. Send your license details to your Barracuda Support representative requesting a new combined license for your Enterprise v6.6 installation.
Note your existing configuration prior to uninstalling so you can re-enter these details during the installation of the new version.

To note your Policy configuration, see  How to Determine the Current Installation Configuration Settings in the Barracuda TechLibrary.

To note your Compliance configuration, see How to Determine the Current Installation Configuration Settings - ArchiveOne Enterprise Compliance in the Barracuda TechLibrary.

Uninstall the following components from the Control Panel:

- ArchiveOne Enterprise (Compliance)
- ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy)
- ArchiveOne FilterServices (if present)

Run the Deployment Analyzer on the Archive Server to ensure it meets the system prerequisites for installation. For details, see Run the ArchiveOne for Exchange Deployment Analyzer in the Barracuda TechLibrary.

For Exchange, install ArchiveOne Enterprise following the procedure: HOWTO: Install ArchiveOne Enterprise

Use the existing configuration settings noted above to maintain your existing configuration. Once installed, 
  1. Run the System Configuration Wizard to review the system settings: ArchiveOne First Time Configuration
  2. Enable the Journal Archiving feature using the steps in How to Capture Compliance through Journaling in the Barracuda TechLibrary.
  3. Import your Compliance installation settings into ArchiveOne Enterprise using the steps in How to Import Compliance Settings in the Barracuda TechLibrary.
If the Search & Retrieval websites are installed on a separate Web server and not on the Archive server, each Web server will need to be upgraded using the following steps:
  1. Uninstall 'ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy)' from the Control Panel.
  2. Once uninstalled, install the new version of ArchiveOne on the web server using the steps in How to Install the Search and Retrieval Website on a Different Server in the Barracuda TechLibrary.
During installation, enter the existing configuration settings noted above to maintain your existing configuration.Once the Archive Server and any web servers have been upgraded, you will need to upgrade the Quick Link Client and Laptop Clients where deployed.

The new version of the client MSIs are available in the installation directory on the Archive Server (by default, 'C:\Program Files (x86)\C2C Systems\Archive One').

The upgrade is now complete. Perform some basic functionality testing (ensure users can retrieve their archived mail and run a policy) to confirm the correct operation of the upgraded installation.

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