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When a customer has someone leave their company, what should they do with the users archived data?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
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ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions


When someone leaves your company, you will most likely wish to disable or delete their Active Directory account and Exchange mailbox. If you have archived their mailbox using ArchiveOne, then you may wish to:

1. Entirely archive their mailbox using ArchiveOne by running an archiving policy for all messages in the specified mailbox. Once the user's mail is archived, then you may choose to delete the user's Exchange mailbox completely as the data is now stored in ArchiveOne.

2. Once archiving is complete, disable the user for processing in the Mailbox Manager. This will release the licence for this mailbox. As you will not be running any more policies against this user then they can be disabled. You do not need to delete the user from ArchiveOne, and leaving the user listed in ArchiveOne may be useful to you (see the next point).

3. If another user will need access to the leaver's archived mail, then give them permission to search the leaver's archive in Mailbox Manager. 

4. Alternatively, if you do not wish to keep the user's data in the archive, then you can run an archive search from the admin console to locate and delete this data.

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