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How does the customer resolve, 'Error 1920 when trying to start the ArchiveOne Service'

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Solution #00007382


ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



When trying to start the ArchiveOne service at the end of the installation (or at any other time) you are presented with the following message:


The failure is that the service tried to do an AutoDiscovery for the Service Account (ArchiveOneAdmin) and that AutoDiscovery failed. This generally indicates that there is a problem with the Exchange AutoDiscovery service that needs to be resolved.


The Exchange AutoDiscovery problem needs to be resolved. This is outside the scope of ArchiveOne.
C2C does however provide a tool to test AutoDiscovery and (possible) give further insight into the issue. This article details how to use the AutoDiscovery test tool (for PST Enterprise, however the principal is the same for ArchiveOne) : HOWTO: Use the C2C Autodiscover Test Tool for Troubleshooting
One common AutoDiscovery issue is the fact that the default self signed SSL certificate (creating during a new Exchange installation) is not trusted on the ArchiveOne Server. To resolve this simply browse to the OWA website on the Exchange Server (https://exchange-server-name/owa) where you will get a certificate warning - continue regardless - then install the certificate.

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