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How can I delete data from the PST history table in the SQL database?

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  • Date changed: one year ago
Solution #00007394


ArchiveOne Enterprise, v7 or later



The C2CAOneConfig SQL database is used to store the history of events when processing PST files. You may wish to delete some or all of this data periodically to save storage for instance. Deleting this data removes the audit of events when processing a PST file; it doesn't affect the processing of the PST file itself.


In SQL Management Studio, connect to the SQL instance utilized by ArchiveOne.
  1. To remove all historical events for a specified PST, run the following query:
    USE [C2CAOneConfig]
    DELETE FROM PstHistory
    FROM PstHistory a
    INNER JOIN PstTable as b ON b.ID = a.PSTID
    WHERE b.Machine=<Client_Machine,,'ClientHostname'>
    AND b.File_Path=<PST_File_Path,,'E:\PathToPST\PSTFile.PST'>
    where ClientHostname is the hostname of the client machine where the PST file resides, and E:\PathToPST\PSTFile.PST is the file path of the PST file in question.
  2. To remove specified historical events based on age for all PSTs, run the following query:
    USE [C2CAOneConfig]
    DELETE FROM PstHistory
    WHERE Added <
    where XXX is the threshold number of days; any events older than XXX days will be deleted.