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Archiving policy takes a long time to run when 'Remove message link if message is deleted or expired' is set

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: one year ago
Solution #00007395


ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



When you run an archiving policy you find that it is taking an long time to run, much longer than normal e.g. a policy that typically completes in an hour now takes several hours to run.
In the service tracing you find that, though this is an archiving policy, a search of the index is being performed against the message GUID:
26 13:52:53 975531 @fcc        LinkGuidToMessage called to find message with guid 'CAE8C2C2-77B1-4C62-96B0-AB0E70DFE8A3'


If you edit the policy and check the actions you see that the option 'Remove the message link if the message is deleted or expired' is enabled. As the option says this will significantly reduce the rate of archiving. This is because it will check to see if the message in the archive is deleted or expired. If the message has been deleted or it has been expired the policy will delete the message stub from the Exchange mailbox. The amount of time taken for this check to complete will vary depending on the size and number of repositories you have.

Actions for Policy


If you are not expiring or deleting messages from the archive then there is no need to have this option ticked under the policy actions. If however you are expiring or deleting messages from the archive and you do wish to use this feature, then it is recommended you run this as a separate policy. This policy can then be scheduled to run at a convenient time when no other policies are running.