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What permissions does the ArchiveOne Service account require?

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ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions


The ArchiveOne Service Account is used by the ArchiveOne Service and ArchiveOne Admin connect to Exchange. This account must have a mailbox. Normally the installation will create both the ArchiveOne service account and ArchiveOne users security group however, there may be instances where you will have to create the service account manually.

ArchiveOne Service Account Requirements
  • Mail-Enabled NT User in the same domain as Exchange.
  • The default account that is created by the installer is called 'ArchiveOneAdmin'.The following Exchange Rights: Send As, Receive As and Administer Store on Mail and Public Folder Stores.Member of the local Administrators security group on the ArchiveOne and Exchange servers.On an Exchange 2010 or later system, the ArchiveOne Service Account will be added to the 'Organization Management' group, which is in the 'Microsoft Exchange Security Groups' organizational unit (OU) of the domain.
  • This is done so that the ArchiveOne service can periodically ensure it has the necessary rights to all mailboxes which it will process. It does this by several methods, one of which requires membership of this Exchange security group.Full Control Share and NTFS security permissions on the 'Add-ins' shared folder (located on the ArchiveOne server).Full Control NTFS security permissions over the location where the ArchiveOne repositories will be stored.Logon As Service rights on the ArchiveOne server.