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How can I accurately measure database white space in Exchange 2010?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
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In Exchange 2010, Microsoft found that database space was not being reclaimed in several scenarios where items are hard deleted (when the item has been purged from the store). For more information, see How to Accurately Measure Database Whitespace in Microsoft Exchange 2010 in the Barracuda TechLibrary.

After you have followed the article recommendations on resolving the issue with database white space not being reclaimed, you may wish to check going forward that white space is being reclaimed as expected.

The following Microsoft Exchange Team blog discusses the correct way to get an accurate white space figure: Database Maintenance in Exchange 2010

This includes Microsoft's recommendations for reclaiming white space by creating a new mailbox database, moving all the mailboxes and deleting the original database (see the section "How can I reclaim the whitespace?")