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Troubleshooting Exchange connectivity issues in ArchiveOne

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
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ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions


ArchiveOne makes connections to Exchange for various reasons:
  • When starting the ArchiveOne service
  • Archiving data from users mailboxes, the journal mailbox or Public Folders
  • Restoring items to mailboxes or Public Folders
This KB article provides a guide to the various Exchange connectivity issues and their resolutions.  If they are related to the operations listed above, check the application event log on the server. It is possible to tell if the issue is related to Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) by looking at the error description. If it begins with 0x8004 then the issue is a MAPI-related connection issue.

The most common issues are:
  • Outlook not fully initialized
  • MAPI not configured correctly
  • ArchiveOne System Mailbox logon issues
The most common MAPI error codes logged are:
  • 8004010F - mapi_e_not_found
  • 80040111 - mapi_e_login_failed
  • 8004011C - mapi_e_unconfigured
  • 8004011D - mapi_e_failoneprovider
  • 80004005 - mapi_e_call_failed
Diagnostic steps to resolving MAPI Issues
Firstly check that Outlook is the default email client:
  1. Start Internet Explorer.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options > Programs.
  3. Check that E-Mail is set to Microsoft Outlook.
  4. For version 7.1 and earlier, check that the latest Microsoft Exchange Collaborative Data Objects (CDO) is installed:
  5. For version 7.3 and later, check that the version of Outlook installed on the Archive server is fully patched.
Test login to the ArchiveOne service account mailbox
When ArchiveOne connects to Exchange, it connects to the ArchiveOne service account mailbox. That mailbox was created during the installation of the ArchiveOne and by default has the name ArchiveOneAdmin. For more information, see Install the ArchiveOne Service and Components. In certain cases, there could be problems connecting to this mailbox, for example:
  • Outlook has not been fully initialized
  • The mailbox has not been fully created
  • The mailbox has been set to hidden from the Global Address List (GAL)
  • There is a mailbox of a similar name causing ambiguity
The following two sections can help to identify and resolve these issues.

Create a new Outlook profile
  1. Create an Outlook profile and specify <ArchiveOneAdmin> as the mailbox.
  2. Logging into the mailbox completes the Outlook initialization:
    • If logging into the mailbox is successful and there is no prompt with a list of mailboxes, go on to the next section.
    • If there is a prompt with a list of mailboxes to connect to when logging in, then it is likely that the problem is due to ambiguous mailbox names.
    • If the mailbox does not exist, it may not have been created or there may be a delay in creation, possibly due to replication.
    • If the mailbox cannot be logged into, check that it has not been hidden from the GAL.
Changing the mailbox to which ArchiveOne connects
A good diagnostic step is to change the mailbox ArchiveOne uses to connect to the Exchange to an existing mailbox that already has an existing profile on Exchange. To change the account that runs ArchiveOne by reinstalling ArchiveOne using the following KB article: HOWTO: Perform a upgrade of ArchiveOne Policy by uninstalling/reinstalling. When you get to the screen "User Account Creation Summary" Click Browse to choose a different account that will start the ArchiveOne Service (this user should have an existing Exchange mailbox as well as elevated Exchange permissions).